Marketing lists

What are the marketing lists. Convenient means of grouping of organizations, contacts and interest on certain specified grounds. And, grouped records may belong to different users. The main thing that was available for reading and for adding members.
Create a marketing list can be the first step in a marketing campaign. From the list easily create a new quick campaign or add members to the list of already existing full campaign.
Lists are useful when carrying out the same operations with the participants list. For example, you can first select the marketing list of the interests of any kind, and then once they qualify or disqualify. Similarly, you can easily create a list of participants - organizations possible deal.
Lists are needed when you want to generate a document based on a template (merge function) for each of the selected entries organizations or contacts.
Two types of lists

Marketing lists (MS) are static and dynamic.
Static MS consists of members who are chosen by the user (users). Thus, to change the composition of static MS must be a member to add or remove members from it manually.  
Dynamic MS automatically updated each time you open it. The update is performed on the basis of a request by the user.
In the view of the number of participants in the MS is shown only for static MS.
types of participants

The participants of MS may include:
In one MS can not combine different types of participants. That is, MS members may be only one type.
Formation of the list

For a static MS, there are 4 possibilities of formation:
add the selected participants in the system or user- specified type of representation: the search for organizations, contacts, or interests;
adding selected or all participants found through its advanced data retrieval of the specified type: organizations, contacts, or interests;
Delete selected or all of the participants found through an advanced search directly in the MS:
Filtering a list based on the results of an advanced search directly in the MS ( ie the list are marked or all participants found through the Advanced Search in the current MS).
MS Dynamic CRM is formed directly each time you open the list. The user must set the conditions for selecting participants - as well as when setting conditions extended search.
Submission of list members connected

On the marketing lists members in the MC card, the default display of submission of related records (organizations, contacts, interests ). This system view. To get participants to display other columns, or to export the participants in an Excel file with the desired columns of data, you need to create your own view, and then select it to display the members of MS.
For ease of viewing search results CRM allows you to change the columns in the results of an advanced search. However, this change does not affect columns introduction of the participants in the MS (under the marketing list members.)
Add Members

The user can add a static MS in which it is responsible, any record of the same type as the members in the MS.
To add members in another MS
the user must have the security role will enable a user in another MS:
or the user must be explicitly shared with MS to add the privilege.
lock list

Static MS can be locked (set to Locked field to Yes.) In a locked MS can not add members, and remove it from the participants. However, participants in a locked MS can be copied to another MS, MS participants to create the transaction to add to the campaign and merge.
Dynamic MS can not be locked because its members (participants) defines CRM directly on the basis of performance given query.
Converting the type of list

From the dynamic MS can create a static MS. New Static MS created as a copy of the dynamic MS (MS dynamic is not removed) to the name of a static MS adds the date and time of the backup. MS created will contain the same participants as the dynamic MS at the time of backup, participants created a static MS will be blocked.
Convert static to dynamic MS can not.
Copy of list members

You can copy the members of only one type of MS.
You can copy the selected (in the card MS) or all (marketing list Copy button on the ribbon representation MS) MS participants in any static unlocked MS.
To copy a user needs to have the privilege of reading the original MS (where you are copying).
The user must have the privilege of adding to the target list (which is made up). The privilege of recording can not give!
With a list of actions

The user can carry out various actions with the MS according to its assigned role ( roles) security. The role of the safety of the user determines the level of access ( user, department, subsidiaries, organization) when the create, read, write, delete, appointments, add and share a MS.
Responsible for the appointment list

If the user is allowed to assign its security role MS to another user, it can do so by clicking on the Assign button on the ribbon representation of MS or MS card.
Setting the sharing list

If the user is allowed its security role to Share MS to another user (users working groups), then it can by clicking on the Share button on the ribbon in the representation of MS or MS card, select the required user/workgroup, multiple users or workers groups and then specify what operations it permits the MS to read, write, delete, function, addition, and/or the opening of public access.
Typically, the senior leaders of the current user already has permission to work with the MS all of his subordinates, so for you to share these managers are not required.
The user can determine whether to provide public access to their MS colleagues, quite simply, if the user's colleagues have the same security role and MS are available to the current user (for read, write, delete, etc.), the MS respectively of the current user will be accessible to his colleagues with the same privileges. In this case, the provision of public access may not be needed.
Export the list of participants in an Excel file

MS participants can be exported to Excel (static or dynamic list). To do this, open the MS and go to the Members tab marketing list. Then click the Export button element type of marketing list