Small business marketing

Small business marketing. Success in business depends on the success in marketing. Marketing helps to do so, the buyer chooses the products he needed and come after them again. A good businessman knows that the customer wants and give it to him. This marketing!

Marketing can be defined as offering customers what they want at a reasonable price in a suitable place and the necessary share of the advertising information that they chose our goods and services goods and services of competitors.

Introduction of marketing in economic activities of small businesses in more efficient business.

Objectives of marketing in small business
Determination of customer demand for products or services, the provision of balance and orientation of its marketing efforts on the development of demand in the right direction

sales motivation

The development of trade and increased employment
by assessing the needs and requirements of customers
Establishment of relations between the resources made
and the distribution of goods and services
The establishment, strengthening and maintaining the desired
exchanges with target buyers and getting personal
or mutual benefit in business

The implementation of the strategic objectives of marketing in the daily practice of subjects of small farms should be carried out in the following areas :

• Timely maximum accumulation of information about the surrounding market environment and the right of its analysis .

• Choosing the right marketing objectives and the main ways to achieve them.

• The optimal alignment of resources with the goals and objectives with the needs of consumers. Formation of the range and variety of products that best meet the requirements of the market.

• Work on the markets through the establishment of sales network, organization of advertising, sales promotion, search resellers (distribution) in order to find their customers and market niches.

• Work with the public through the promotion of entrepreneurship among its existing and potential customers, their employees to achieve their recognition and support.

• Current administrative work on the adaptation of the marketing system to the new conditions of the firm.

The conditions for the effective functioning of the marketing of a small business are:

• a developed market:

• freedom of the producer:

• a comprehensive system of collecting information, its availability:

• preparedness entrepreneurs.

The concept of marketing in small business

Business entities in the small business must constantly focus on the customer and know the answers to the questions: what, how much, what quality, of what, where and when it should be done? This means that small business organizations particularly limited quantitative, qualitative, spatial and temporal parameters. Therefore, there is a large variety of types of marketing.

Marketing conversion - a kind of marketing. Its characteristic features - creating and shaping demand in the presence of favorable conditions for the supply of goods and services. The aim of marketing is to develop a conversion plan of action to overcome the negative attitude of certain categories of citizens and businesses to this product and engage them in a range of potential customers. It is especially important targeted promotional activities, the organization of an extensive and accessible network of service and repair.

Marketing "mix" (marketing mix) - a set of marketing tools through which the company seeks to influence the demand for the goods they produced. Such means include: product, price, place and terms of sale, advertising and promotion. For each of these elements of marketing "mix" means:

• customer orientation, the study of its demand:

• Formation range of products and services based on the needs of consumers:

• flexible pricing policy that satisfies all parties merchandising, to the end consumer:

• providing the choice of the most accessible and convenient channels of procurement and sales:

• The use of various measures to stimulate and promote sellers and intermediaries for the implementation and consumers - for the purchase of products of this company. Remarketing is needed when demand starts falling. In this case, the service is marketing options for preventing the fall of prestige goods in the market.

Marketing support - type of marketing activity of the enterprise, allowing to keep a sufficient level of demand for goods and services in demand compliance period offer in terms of volume and structure. The aim of marketing is supporting the balancing of supply and demand due to the constant attention to factors that may change the demand.

Marketing Evolves - type of marketing of the company to prevent the potential demand for goods and services and actually implemented at a time when the firm does not have a specific product, designed to meet the needs of intended.

The purpose of developing a marketing orientation of marketing efforts on the development of demand in the right direction. Sinhromarketing used in cases where due, for example, the seasonal consumption of some goods there is a need for additional measures to stabilize the markets and to minimize fluctuations in demand.

Marketing stimulating - a kind of marketing aimed primarily at creating and stimulating demand. There are three possible areas of use incentive marketing:

· When a consumer believes that this product does not pose any interest for him:

· When the product was improperly selected region of sale, and when the consumer and the market is not prepared for the emergence of a new product.