Health care marketing

Health care marketing. Business in the provision of paid medical services today is in its infancy, private health care, as such, has not yet emerged. But in the near future, this activity can be very promising.

In such harsh conditions necessary for the survival of competent policy in the field of marketing. A good marketing strategy, knowledge of the health care market, designed program to promote them properly built system of customer service - all to a private medical facility not only to survive, but also to actively develop and face the future.

health care marketing Technology universal to many areas of public health. Source here are the answers to the following questions:

what medical care is needed:
why, for whom, when, where, by whom and how it will be provided:
by whom, how and to what extent it will be funded.
Market research in the field of private health care has its own specifics. They should include a comprehensive analysis of incidence, equipping health facilities, government programs to support private health care and a variety of other factors that affect the state of the health care market.

Medical facilities, engaging promotion of their services, should consider the following factors:

consumer opportunities (quantity, concentration, ability to pay, the structure of morbidity ):
the possibility of the hospital (availability, status of personnel, licensing services, equipment with new equipment, experience in commercial activities):
Quality, quality and availability of health care services (a set of services, quantity, additional, desirable and mandatory services, opportunities for improvement and renovation services, their novelty, practical and medical effects, etc.):
competition (the number of similar services in the market, quality and efficiency, equipped with the latest technology, professional level and their credibility in other institutions).
Segmentation of medical services and the definition of its capacity is based on data on the number of patients served and the average amount of their income, their level of spending on health care and pharmaceuticals, health products.

Special attention to the private health institution should be given to the service - quality service of its customers. Careful attention to patients is the key to success and to create a circle of regular customers. Using modern technology advertising and PR will help shape the reputation of your organization and attract new customers.

Modern managers and entrepreneurs working in the field of private health care, as a rule, are professionals in the field of medicine, but often do not have special training in the field of marketing, as well as the resources needed to fully implement the marketing activities of the enterprise. In our experience, many hospitals do not have a marketing department or a regular expert on marketing. The entire scope of work for the promotion of services borne by the head of the organization.

In this situation, an effective solution is to cooperate with professional marketing consultant. Involvement of outside specialists will receive marketing services to the extent that what is needed at this stage of development of the organization, and will be less costly than the content of a staff specialist or your marketing department.

A truly beneficial to the private health care facilities may be collaboration with a consulting company that knows the specifics of the health care market, allowing it to speak the language of the client, to delve deeply into the problems of the customer, and in the end - to provide quality marketing services.