Benefits of marketing automation

Benefits of Marketing Automation. Carrying out effective marketing campaigns - a key factor in the successful development of the business. Net Suite provides a comprehensive set of management tools to automate marketing campaigns , track and report on all marketing activities, including: newsletter by e-mail and direct mail advertising materials. In addition to this , Net Suite helps optimize current advertising campaign , hoping the real-time ratio ROI and providing performance reports on your personal tool bar.

Management of marketing campaigns
Net Suite can track all on line , off line campaigns and direct mail. Promotional codes can be used in marketing campaigns of limited duration , or simply to identify a particular campaign. With Net Suite you can organize and keep track of multi-tier campaign on various media and offers.

E-mail- list: management and tracking
Net Suite allows you to create HTML templates and email- groups, which may be based on parameters such as purchase history , support, or payment , and view responses to campaigns of each unique client records .

Extended customer segmentation
A set of tools for creating target groups allows users to explore the history of customer purchases, situations , opportunities and transactions for the creation of target groups , which can then be " target " marketing campaign to upsell and cross- selling . Advanced Expression Builder allows you to create complex criteria , using the search terms "and / or" and "no" on any combinations of records and fields.

Performance management and marketing campaign ROI calculation in real time
Net Suite tracks the marketing campaign from start to sale. Because the program also handles the orders and payments , this application provides reports for ROI based on sales . In addition, reports on the passage of the campaign show such key aspects as the click through and subscribe at the same time supporting the saved searches that show the new contacts by source , region, or sales representative.