Law firm marketing

Law firm marketing. My goal is to show you how using effective marketing tools law firm can easily and without huge costs to attract new customers and increase their profits.
By the way, 95 % of your competitors are not used and one third of those instruments, which
you will learn from this book. Therefore, you will have every chance to get around them and get
more extra income.
In this book, I will not teach you how to practice law, you know that better than me. If you want to know more about sales, marketing, and MOST effective ways to attract customers in the legal business and are willing to Marketing your company to trust me, then this book is for you. From this book you will learn about the most important issue of the legal business, 8 the most critical and common mistakes in the legal business that interfere increased profits, the main difficulties in promoting legal company, and I will share with you 3 ways to increase sales in your company.

What prevents a law firm to increase the number of clients and profit?

The main problem that prevents a law firm to increase Profit is the lack of a finished system to attract customers and increase sales.
The main source of new clients to the law firm are recommendations. And, of course, it is one of the best sources. At the same it is the most unpredictable source of potential customers. If you will use additional sources of attracting customers - you increase the flow of qualified leads that convert into real ones. A real customers - give real money.
If you think that the legal sphere - this is an area where you can not sell or that other methods besides the recommendations do not work, I 'll tell you as follows: "Whatever business you are doing, you are in the marketing business, where the main objective - is to attract and retain customers"

8 critical mistakes that reduce profits legal Business

So, let's look at eight critical mistakes that reduce profits legal business.

Mistake number 1: the belief in their knowledge and skills in the field of promotion
legal services.
When creating his own company, the lawyer is important to understand that it is a professional in the legal field and marketing - it's a different professional field. And the success criteria for the expert and head of the companies are also quite different.
There is always a way out. Trained "smart marketing" should each head of the law firm. Since the success of small businesses by 80 % depends on how it is advanced.

Error number 2: Use the standard "classic" way Often, the law firm in the preparation of the advertising company guided by their competitors. Learn the leaflets of other companies look advertising of other companies, visit sites of other companies and they all do. It is not enough just "blindly" copying what competitors are doing. And the more marketing activities of major law firms. Because it is fundamentally is different from marketing in a small law firm.
Attempts to use "peeped" developments ultimately lead to the the fact that the company lost in lists of other companies competing for the same simple reason - for a potential client all offers will appear identical and it will filter exclusively as low as other criteria is not there.

Mistake number 3: "blind" use of copied developments of competitors As we know every company has its own laws and practices. And its plans and priorities. Sometimes, when we see some sort of advertising products which are sold in 2 times cheaper than its competitors, it is not clear why the company is running at a loss.
In fact, the company uses a two-stage model of sales. first step - is to attract the customer to the office, supermarket, shop, due to very low prices of a group of goods or services of one. The second step - the sale related services, or other products are at prices that bring good income.

Now, if you move a model in the legal business and, for example, reduce the price for one of the main "money" service, as did the "big player" market, you can quickly use up the entire budget and bankrupt. Unless of course before
this has been thought through a two-step model of sales.

Error number 4: the use of ineffective promotion tools legal services
There is a big difference between building a brand and increase sales in small business.
How often do we hear from lawyers and law firm partners order to have a lot of customers - you need to be famous and have a name.
Really - it is. The only problem is, how do you earn reputation, if the budget is not as big customers are not so many , and in general company is quite young.
Inefficient for the law firm order and hang around city ​​billboards with the slogan: "We are open "or" Most professional lawyers city."
Also, some law firms have resorted to putting up signs on pillars, and even manage to get to this type of outdoor advertising more orders. It is true, this method only discourages really big clients. First, because of this ad they see, owing to the fact that such customers do not have time to study the poles. Second, even if the advertising and be seen, the choice in favor of this company will not be made ​​because Advertise on this medium (column) says about the state of affairs within the company and
does not confirm the specific status.
"For beginners, this method of advertising can be acceptable in the case of total absence of base, and yet to earn even first customers. True, there are much easier ways to get the first prospective clients legal sphere, like any other highly professional sphere
business requires a certain approach to its advancement. And it can not be the same method of advertising for vacuum cleaners and legal services. Using indirect methods of advertising, the company will achieve much more results against classical advertising ineffective.

Error number 5: skepticism about the unusual and unfamiliar methods promotion law firm.
In 82% of companies have no legal thoughtful marketing strategies. In Basically all marketing comes down to the placement of ad units in the newspapers, any advertising sites, online advertising and other standard methods traditional advertising, which uses exactly the competitors.
And any non-standard methods that are used, for example, Westernlaw firms in the country dropped because "it frivolous "or" that we will not work ."
How many times have I heard the phrase from the business owners, "our business is will not work ." Yes, indeed, something may not work. but as to know that if you do not try?
Distrust of the fundamentally new programs and outside experts do not allows the law firm to develop. From year to year can receive the same steady income and not think about any development. but only until such time as the market does not come with ready-made strong competitor tactics and strategies to conquer the market. Then it will be too late to think about innovations.

Error number 6: the lack of ready-made and designed to attract customers The main source of new customers are recommendations. And, of course, is one of the best sources. At the same time, it is the most unpredictable source of potential customers. If you use more sources of customer acquisition - it will increase the flow of potential customers, which are converted into real ones. A real customers - give real money.
Attracting clients in law firms associated with the increase in the flow. If you increase the flow of customers to grow sales, respectively. However, often used only 1-2 ways to increase traffic. at what 90 % of potential clients the firm is losing after the first call, and only 10% of interested customers can buy, and from them - are 2-3% real buyers (clients).
"What if not buy 2-3 %, and 5-6% ? How will this affect the income of the company? That's right! It will increase by almost 2 times!"
It is important to not only have a ready system to attract customers, but also to be able to
receive more transactions with the same number of customers. Only through increase conversion can reduce the cost of advertising. saved money - money earned.

Error number 7: The lack of uniqueness
Internet advertising has become a major source of customer engagement law firm. First, it is relatively inexpensive, and secondly gives fast results. True value for coming to the site and rang the office is getting smaller. This is due to increased competition and also one of the most important criteria that draws the attention of potential customer.

When yandex google or potential customer dials "registration Company" and click on a link he gets dozens of similar sites. One gets the the opinion that all written off from one source, and generally no one than is no different, except as color scheme, and some other details, that the client generally has no value and does not affect the process purchase.
The same situation exists with printed material. For example, takes brochure one of the largest companies in the market and copied all the information. Please another clone prepared.
If you find your uniqueness, you can rebuild the same hour of the competition. In the eyes of potential customers your company will stand out among the dozens of and hundreds of other competing companies that can not compete with you. The uniqueness can be your focus on the job with a certain business or only one direction, service, etc. The uniqueness can be priced.

Error number 8: The Price War
To cut their prices and sell their services for less than the competition. - Is the way not only to a decrease in their income, but also the path to bankruptcy. What if a major law firm a competitor cut prices by 1.5-2 times , with to destroy the smaller companies that then your company can offer the market? As the Western practice, sooner or later happen.
"To your potential customers with the most important and the only criterion choice is the price! As long as you do not show the value of your offer, the uniqueness of your company and good service"
Many company executives the impression that the client the most basic and critical factor in choosing his company is the price for one simple reason - because customers often asked about it.
If you now will raise prices in your list price by 10-20 %, you lose only 10 % of the customers, which it will be expensive . As a result, you do not
lose, because those customers who choose the price, are in lower price ranges and are often problematic. They have a lot of call, time -consuming, "shake their rights", and income from them is not so great. It is easier to give up these customers than to spend a large amount of their time to them. It is better to have 10 customers who buy $ 10 than 100 customers who buy $ 1.

Not having at its disposal a more efficient techniques and technologies, manylaw firms are beginning to cut prices, thus depriving themselves of profit, which can be obtained without it.
Often even have to work at a loss, just to attract a new customer.
However, it's way into the abyss, because there will always be a competitor who has prices will be cheaper.
Show the value of your offer, and you'll never have to will compete on price!