B2b lead generation

B2b lead generation. Many agencies publish reports on the research carried out as early as this year. British portal B2Bmarketing.net supported by consulting agencies Newbury Group and Circle Research has published a report on "Generation and makeup in B2B Lead" (Lead Generation and Nurturing Benchmarking Report). Publish a short overview of the main results and conclusions of the study.

Importance of the topic of leads and key priorities Focus on lidah - processes of their generation and makeup - is still one of the key priorities of marketing: 60 % named the generation of leads one of the three main priorities of their work, while 26 % predict it to 1st place.

Organization and objectives of the processes for generating and feeding disabilities
In 22% of organizations surveyed Lead Generation and makeup - is a separate (dedicated) business process
In 49 % of cases of lead generation - it is a formalized process, makeup disabilities - at 30 %, even 25% have even recycle Lead (recycling) Up to 40 % of respondents have a formal process of scoring disabilities! In this case, 51 % believe that these scoring - very accurate!
86 % focused on new customers, while 56% - to the existing ones. Overall, 65 %, confirming that the essence of the process of lead generation is more consistent orientation to new customers (rather than the existing ones).
42% confirmed that the process of lead generation is separate dedicated budget - on average, this amounts to 10% of the total budget for marketing. In this case, 25% said that last year it has grown, and 44% - slightly increased. Up to 32 % of the respondents autsoursit its activities on the generation and fostering Disabilities

Measuring ROI
In 25% of measuring ROI happens all the time, 44% - from time to time. As a major barrier to measuring ROI marketers indicate the complexity of measurement (53%) and a lack of time (25 %). The report comments on the first fact as usual shortfall Marketing Automation.
55% - the responsibility is shared between marketing and sales Up to 30% of the measured value is "ready Lida" - in business with a bridle to 50 pounds of yew, it is up to 274 pounds on a "ready Lida" in the businesses above this bracket - up to 900 pounds
main metrics to evaluate the management of lidami are indicators of total revenue for the business, the conversion rates of leads into ready leads are, and total sales funnel

Efficiency means for generating and fostering Disabilities

The results suggest that the most effective means of marketers consider e - mailing, events and telemarketing. These tools also allow to achieve a good balance between quality and quantity of leads.

Despite the spread of the sums, as the principal, the details of the study show a significant correlation between popularity and effectiveness. In other words, the ranking of the first three influences popularity - webinars are also considered very effective - and another thing that they have little use for, so they do not fall into the top three.
In lead generation plays a major role content - so says 32% (very important) and 38% (important). To feed Lead content as "very important" estimated 38% of the respondents.
The average conversion of leads into ready leads are 33% for the majority. In this widely used technology feeding leads.
30% are already using the technology of Marketing Automation. The leaders Eloqua (by a considerable margin ), Marketo and Hubspot.