Business - activities aimed at making a profit, but any kind of income-generating activities or other personal benefits.

But whether any activity aimed at profit, is a business? After stealing is also making a profit. And any activity that generates income can be considered a business, not too loose concept? Employment, you too can get income. As for personal gain, then you can recall various types of manipulations or actions that may mislead others. All this is also a business?

As can be seen, a dictionary of foreign words in anything we can not help. What is a business ?

From one point of view:

"Business - is an activity which aims at realizing their own ideas for profit."

In this view, there is one but not least, a mistake. Patent registration - it is also an activity which aims at realizing their own ideas for profit. After all, when you want to protect your idea from encroachment, you register a patent. A patent is the use of others leads to the fact that you get profit. And if you use someone else's idea, for which there is a patent, or its creator did not bother to get a patent, it is not this business ?

From another point of view:

"Business - is an activity that aims to convey their messages to the end user for the purpose of obtaining income or personal gain"

And this view also contains an error. Not always your idea reaches the end user in the same form in which you create it. For example, you decide to produce parts for the car, though the engines, though the glass, though lights. In this case, the end user does not buy your idea, and the car, which was invented long before you. And it turns out that the end user uses your idea, but he buys a completely different product.

Try to look at the third point of view:

"Business - is an activity that aims to build a variety of products that benefit the community or individuals for the purpose of profit or income"

This definition is suitable for many activities, but it contains an error, or rather it's not even a mistake, and the exclusion of certain activities of business concepts. So, all of us pet trade, which just gives us a variety of products in this definition misses. After all, nothing fundamental in trade is not created, although this area is considered a business.

The fourth attempt:

"Business - is an activity that aims to build a variety of products that benefit the community or its individual members, as well as the delivery of these products to the end user, in order to obtain profits or income"

This definition has an error similar to the previous one, ie again something does not include. What remains behind the scenes at this time? This time frame is for investment, and trade in the securities market, which is essentially a business, but our definition is not included.

Try to supplement our definition:

"Business - this type of activity, individual or collective, which aims to create products, their delivery to the end user, as well as assist in the creation of these products that benefit society or its individual members"

This definition is suitable for almost any kind of activity that can be called business. You may have noticed that here is created for clarification activities" individual or collective." This clarification is very important, because For some reason, many people forget that the individual consultants are also involved in the business, although in the view of many business people is something big and huge, such as transnational corporations and factories. But social networks, shops, building houses - it's also a business.

Why do so many people fail at such a simple way as a business? Of course, there may be many reasons, but the most basic of them - "not in the business of permanent income, they either grow or fall", working as self-employed, many people have become accustomed to receiving the same income from month to month, and at the same time no one can reduce this income, it can only increase. It is with this and related to the fact that many people do not want to do business. On the one hand, it can be called a fear of decreasing revenues, well, on the other hand - people deliberately put himself in the upper limit of income and do not want to lay on additional responsibilities. With this and most of the errors due those who do not wish to open their own business. Own limitations is always bad, especially if these restrictions do not allow you to benefit others!