Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies - is a complex company's strategic priorities, which are used to achieve the objectives of the company in the market. A judicious choice of marketing strategy can help us not only to get the maximum profit for themselves, but also to eliminate competitors and gain a foothold in your chosen niche.

Types of marketing strategies in terms of "goods" and "market"

The choice of strategy is determined primarily depending on the goods or services promoted and market conditions. Here, the market can be divided into two conditional parts: a pre-existing market in a given area and a new market. Goods can also be both existing and popular, and the new, which consumers do not know yet.

To analyze situations involving goods relative to the market and vice versa, you can use the matrix Anzoffa which allows to estimate the costs, probability of success, as well as approximately imagine development strategy of your company. According to the matrix, the existing items in the existing market - a strategy of deep penetration, the new product in a new market - the diversification strategy, new product in an existing market - product development strategy, and existing product in a new market - the market development strategy.

Deep penetration strategy implies a calm coherent strategy that does not require special innovations. This use of new, non-corrosive, preferring a small steady income.

Market development strategy implemented by geographic expansion (expansion of the territory of sale of goods), as well as attracting new customers.

Product development strategy - is the biggest risk, however, and the biggest profits. Appropriate here any ways to promote, if only they were effective.

Diversification - one of the most common marketing strategies, mostly it is used in expanding the range of firms in the formation of a new business. Species diversification are restructuring or reducing corporation entry into a new business, related and unrelated diversification, as well as all kinds of entering new markets.

Variety of marketing strategies within the framework of competition

Here distinguish offensive and defensive strategy. Among defensive meet these types of defense, as positional defense (barriers around the company's products), flank defense (barriers around the vulnerabilities of the market), a proactive defense (prevention of attacks of competitors), counterattack, mobile protection and shrinking defense (ie retreat).

Defense strategy characterized by stable companies that are on the market for long and well and reached opredelennogoo level, "newcomers" prefer offensive strategies. Among them: the offensive leader on the market and its position close to the offensive and equal competitors, the attack on smaller competitors.

A distinction is also a frontal assault (direct hits, for example, the price war. Winner is the one who will invest more resources), a flanking attack (intuitive attack on the weaknesses of competitors. Based on the results of market research), the environment (repetition competitor strategies , while making their goods better and cheaper than the competitor), workaround (promotion of their goods at more affordable, yet covered markets competitors ), "guerrilla warfare" (small numerous attacks on rival from all sides, and used "dirty method" - dumping sneer, and the like).