Marketing degree

What is the power of marketing. Degree marketing degree is awarded to students who have completed a college or university, or a marketing degree program .  

Types of marketing Degrees
There are four basic types of marketing degrees, which can be obtained from college or university Business School :

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master's Degree
Doctorate Degree

Associate Degree in marketing concentration takes about two years. Bachelor's degree in marketing, as a rule, be earned in three to four years. Master's degree in marketing can be obtained in two years or less after completing the Bachelor's program . Doctoral programs take a little longer , usually four to six years , and will require at least a bachelor's degree - though a master's degree is a common requirement .

Most people who work in the field of marketing , at least an associate degree . In some cases, the experience may be replaced by degree. Nevertheless , it may be difficult to get your foot in the door without some degree or type of certificate. A bachelor's degree can lead to higher paying jobs with more responsibility , such as marketing manager . Master's degree or an MBA with a marketing focus can do the same .

What can I do with a degree in marketing.
You can work virtually anywhere with a marketing degree. Almost every type of business or industry are used by marketers in some way. Job Options for holders of a degree in marketing include a career in advertising , brand management , marketing research, and public relations. Popular job titles include:
Account Executive - Clerk acts as an intermediary between the company and advertisers. They make new contacts, new secure accounts and maintain current business relationships.
Specialist in Public Relations - also known as an expert or specialist in communications media , a specialist in public relations PR handles activities such as writing press releases or speeches and communicating with the media.
Marketing Manager - Marketing managers are responsible for the strategy : they identify potential markets , assess demand , and promote brands , products, or services. They can also be known as advertising , brand, or product managers.