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The top 10 email marketing solutions. Today, the market offers a lot of companies that claim to offer expert assessment of the current advertising services . People are willing to speak out about the various promotional offers and making one of the most objective channels, enabling to obtain comprehensive data on the current situation in the market of email- marketing products website was Recently edition of this resource has named the ten most high-quality email- marketing solutions in 2013 .

Recall that email marketing solutions allow you to send emails to hundreds of addresses , as well as to attract new customers to your mailing list . Typically, these applications run directly through the web interface and offer a huge variety of features and capabilities. Most pleased with the fact that such applications tend to greatly automate the distribution and work with numerous newsletters. However, all these solutions differ in many aspects: the price, the amount of available functions , the amount of available letters , etc. That is why it is so important such comparisons , which allows to highlight the most exciting and affordable email- marketing solutions . is mainly engaged in the supply of research in the field of online marketing. The Company assesses a variety of services on a monthly basis , based on its long experience in the field of SEO, PPC and other marketing solutions. This independent expert team is proud that it was able to find the best marketing solutions in the world who can help create their own advertising campaigns mailing list. In addition to the rating itself also offers an online marketplace that allows companies to assist in the work . Visitors can pick up a company based on what kind of things they are most often looking for.

The list of the top ten Email- marketing solutions for 2013 , according to, includes such services:

1 ) Pinpointe On-Demand

2 ) StreamSend

3 )

4 ) Topica

5 ) AWeber Email Marketing

6 ) EmailMarketing.Net

7 ) GetResponse

8 ) ExactTarget

9 ) VerticalResponse

10 ) Elite Email

Experts distributed services thus based on a huge number of parameters , from the forms automation functions and new parameters trekking . Effective marketing solution should determine the success of distribution , calculating the amount of open letters , the number of clicks and interestingness of certain topics for consumers. Let's look at three of the most popular solutions in this list and try to figure out which one is best suited to work with the organization of distribution .