Email marketing

Email marketing. Ten of the most important tips Email marketing. First of all, I'll start with the most important information related to email marketing.

1. Send emails only to those who personally subscribe to our newsletter.

2. Include the contents of the letter only that information which people signed up.

3. Be consistent with the frequency of sending emails. Select a chart - 1 day a week, two weeks, a month, and always stick to it.

4. It is best to send a mail merge for business partners in the interval from Tuesday to Thursday. The best time to send it 9:30 or 13:30 in the afternoon. ( Studies major marketing companies )

5. In most cases, sending letters to consumers is best done either between 17:00 and 20:00 from Tuesday to Thursday or Friday night or Sunday afternoon. ( same study )

6. To increase productivity, add a message at the top of your e-mail, which says something like this: * In order to ensure you receive our emails, please add to your address book *. ( under understand email address from which is shipped)

7. Write in the field * From * your company name or person of your company and make a name in accordance with the mailing list. The subscriber has only a few seconds, which would decide - open letter to him or not, this field * From * he needs to know and do not think about who it could be.

8. Be sure to include in the newsletter are two versions of the letter - the plain text and HTML- version. If you send a HTML version of the letter, 5% of subscribers do not read it.

9. Do not use all caps or multiple exclamation marks in your subject or body of the message. By doing this you will cause Spam filters and your delivery will not come to the destination.

10. Do different subscriptions on various topics. Create a subscription to the newsletter at each section individually. It is not always the subscriber wishes to receive information on the topic of interest is not if the site, for example, different subject portal.

Basics of email marketing
Before we go further, let's look at what is based email marketing. There are two types of e - mailing:

1. Stocks Newsletter and special offers of the company.
2. Distribution of information to which the reader is signed.

3. SPAM ( not included in email marketing ).

1. Newsletter about the company. For example an on line store to buy the product, I need to register at the same time to enter personal information, including email. Then on line store advertises passing promotions and discounts store. Sometimes it is nice if you are a regular customer and buy a lot of products out there. Tracking the discounts you will bring monetary gain . But if you buy one item and nothing more is needed, then you consider this list as Spam. In each case must be approached in different ways to this mailing list. Need to learn to feel the buyer will learn to think for him that he needs and what he will not refuse. Aerobatics in a newsletter - an analysis of shopping and sampling related or similar goods to the customer. This is a long process but it can bring additional good earnings . Beyond aerobatics - is tracking your subscribers to display products , compiling lists of goods and Wish . And after collecting such information is generated mailing discounts on such goods. It is very difficult, but effectively over.
Another example - I buy a car in the cabin, leave your email address when purchasing. If a company sends out weekly emails with the shares of the product - it's Kick comrades. But if every six months they remind them to go and change the oil - this is the highest praise. You see different business - different lists.
2. Distribution of information to which the reader is signed . Well, everything is clear. I went to read an interesting site I, I subscribe and get me the desired list. This is the best e- reader base . In this newsletter, you can write anything, but it was on the topic on which the reader is signed.

3. Spam. Any unsolicited mailing of letters - it's Spam . Spam usually does not carry any personal information and is rarely useful. Spam can kill any popular brand. The importance and popularity of the brand will fall very rapidly. The number one rule in an intelligent email marketing - does not send letters do not subscribe to readers.