Email marketing services

Email marketing services. Introduction - Email Marketing - a commercial (advertising) messages to a group of people who use in their daily lives email for business and personal communication. Each sent a letter to be received by the addressee - can be considered as email marketing through email. As a rule, these letters marketers are turning to potential customers with information about your product or brand, a business proposal, or just with the proposal to pass survey.


In modern times, email marketing services is used for the following tasks:
Sending messages in order to increase confidence in the company and providing complete information about products and/or services:
Letter sent to in order to attract new customers or existing belief that they made the right choice:
C using email marketing services, so you can inspire and negative information with regards to its competitors.
Analytical Center of the U.S. studied the number of companies and the level of investments in promotional activities unveiled a figure of 1.51 billion dollars that have been spent on e-mail marketing by the end of 2011. By studying the development of this type of advertising, the scientists suggest that by 2016 this figure will reach $ 2.6 billion.

Types of Email marketing services

There are several types of email marketing that are carried out through various e-mail messages.

Email Newsletter

Mailing through periodic messages they send to their customers, subscribers. The main function of such letters - is securing the business relationship with their customers. At any time, the subscriber can unsubscribe from this newsletter and no longer receive letters such information.

transactional emails

Letters transaction come to a mailbox in the event of any action on the client's website: cash flows, changes in personal data, and more. In these transactional emails are inserted advertisements of the company, which provides an additional marketing effect.

direct mail

Direct e-mails are used for direct illumination of the ad (eg,stock or tremendous discounts on products ). Companies who bought email marketing usually make themselves similar lists with addresses of mailboxes people who would be interested in such information or as rent from specific organizations that are engaged in this type of marketing.

Newsletter Unsubscribe

At any time, a customer who receives emails with advertisements, news or business proposals from the company can unsubscribe from this newsletter. This feature was designed by marketers in order to increase confidence in the send letters (and the company), and meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller.
Marketers who are committed to offer their services through existing lists of e-mail addresses with the addresses of potential customers are divided into segments (eg, gender or age, social status and the possibility of purchasing), and send to each segment of your advertising message.