Marketing ideas for small business

The main task of a small business is the sale of goods and services. The target audience you need to offer something from which she can not refuse, or find somewhere else. And for this you need an effective marketing plan that will clearly define the strategy of finding the perfect client and sets you apart from the competition. That's 100 marketing ideas for promoting small businesses.

1.Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. planning

1. Update or make a marketing plan.
2. Revise or swipe market analysis.
3. Conduct focus group.
4. Create a unique selling proposition .
5. Define your target audience and niche.
6. Extend the range of your products and services.

2. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Marketing Materials

7. Update your business cards.
8. Make your business card memorable.
9. Create or update the booklet.
10. Create a digital version of the booklet for your site.
11. Update your website design.
12. Create a creative promotional products, and start spreading.

3. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Networking

13. Prepare the buyout company presentation.
14. Register as a participant.
15. Meet with local entrepreneurs.
16. Sign up for a local business training.
17. Sign in local associations and industry communities.
18. Rent a booth at the thematic exhibition.

4. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Direct Marketing

19. Start direct mail.
20. Use a few different approaches and evaluate their effectiveness.
21. Formulate a clear and enticing call to action.
22. Use eye-catching envelopes, cards and clearance letters.
23. Send customers free samples and other "bait".

5. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. advertising

24. Place ads on the radio.
25. Place advertisements in directories.
26. Place ads on bulletin boards.
27. Put ads on your car.
28. Place ads in the local newspaper.
29. Place advertisements on local television.
30. Place ads on Facebook.
31. Place ads on LinkedIn.
32. Services &: themed web sites.
33. Make a pillar for promoting your company.

6. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Social Media Marketing

34. Start using social networks for business.
35. Create a page on Facebook.
36. Register a username for your page on Facebook.
37. Create an account on Twitter.
38. Comment or send a message to Twitter.
39. Sign up for Foursquare.
40. Add your business to Google Places.
41. Keep a regular basis and update your blog.
42. Add your content to the social bookmarking sites.
43. Create a coupon site.

7. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Internet marketing

44. Take advantage of the service Google Adwords.
45 . Take advantage of the service DMOZ.
46. Comment on the blog post.
47. Put video on your blog.
48. Upload your video to YouTube.
49. Find your business in the search engines results pages and optimize them.
50. Install Google Analytics on your website and blog.
51. View and analyze the statistics of Google Analytics.
52. Register a new domain name for a marketing campaign of a new product or service.
53. Learn about local search marketing.
54. Keep track of your online reputation.

8. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Email Marketing

55. Obtain the consent of visitors to your website or blog by email newsletter.
56. Collect base of potential customers.
57. Offer a free service to visitors, providing your email address.
58. Routinely sends messages to potential customers.
59. Send out a free monthly newsletter.
60. Evaluate the effectiveness of your email lists.
61. Improve the content of your signature.
62. Add the email links to audio, video and social networking.

9. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Contests, coupons and incentives

63. Announce competition.
64. Release coupons.
65. Start the incentive program for the purchase.
66. Start the incentive program for loyalty.
67. Run the "Client of the Month".
68. Give free samples.
69. Start an affiliate program.

10.Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. Relationships with customers and partners

70. Assess the level of customer satisfaction.
71. Excuse customers to recommend you to their friends.
72. Generate referrals.
73. Take part in charity events.
74. Become a sponsor local sports teams.
75 . Establish a corporate scholarship for gifted children.
76. Use cross- promote their products and services with other local companies.
77. Join professional organizations .
78. Arrange holiday promotional campaign .
79. Prepare holiday gifts for your best customers.
80. Send greeting cards to their customers.
81. Suggest collaboration colleagues.
82. Become a business consultant.

11. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. content marketing

83. Schedule a free online conferences or webinars.
84. Record your podcast.
85. Write a press release.
86. Distribute your press release through various channels.
87. Recycle their promotional material .
88. Start writing a book.

12. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. help

89. Hire a marketing consultant.
90. Hire a professional PR- manager.
91. Hire a professional copywriter.
92. Hire a SEO- specialist.
93. Hire a Marketing Assistant.
94. Hire a sales manager.
95. Hire more technical staff.

13. Promoting for marketing ideas for small business. unique Ideas

96. Put on branded clothing.
97. Make branded tattoos.
98. Select the mascot of the company.
99. Take oppositional position on any controversial issue in the industry.
100. Sign up for a business training to enhance their professional skills.