Best email marketing

Best email marketing. What a marketing tool online is the most effective? I get asked this question. Looks like it's time to answer it in this article. Especially considering the fact that recently appeared interesting statistics from the company SeeWhy, showing the effectiveness of different online tools in terms of sales. The study itself was only possible due to the reason that SeeWhy pursues the development of analytics. After receiving permission from its users, SeeWhy analyzed about 60,000 operations to buy goods at the different sites. And here's what happened:

most effective tool for online sales was email marketing. 56.8 % of all purchases were made through him; in second place were expected direct calls to the site. They account for 17.9 % of total sales; with search results had 10.3% of sales; with content 4.8%, which is understandable, since the conversion and there is noticeably smaller (by the way, useful articles on contextual advertising here); Social media gave 4.3% percent of sales; It is curious that the email marketing study showed a very high conversion; traffic
It is unlikely that these numbers can be called unexpected. Agree that from email marketing just like something you would expect. And for good reason, which I will discuss below.

Why is Best email marketing so effective?
The whole point is to contrast email marketing SPAM. Spam - this mailing list, which is not expected. Even if it is performed on a selected basis. Email Marketing - a dispatch on the basis of users who have given their permission to receive emails from you. That is, they are in principle interested in your online store, your product or topic, you will be in touch newsletter. They are interested in your newsletter. All this leads to the fact that the conversion takes place of subscribers to customers much easier than in the case of search traffic, which always comes to a lot of unnecessary people.
Of course, Best email marketing is not always possible to use to attract customers. When it comes to online stores, then with a probability of 99 % can be argued that this tool is retaining current customers, allowing them to sell more and more.

This is one of the examples that are actively using online shopping. Naturally, they do not stay on one topic and connect a variety of complex instruments recommendation to tell you about some new book that might interest you. But the email marketing is not limited to the supply of goods that may interest a potential customer. There may be a useful story on the topic distribution and supply of the product or service in the end. The options are actually set.

The main thing to remember that Best email marketing - this is not spam. It all starts with obtaining a permit for the newsletter to the individual. Only with such a civilized work can talk about the high efficiency of the instrument (well, and do not forget the high quality landing pages that the user enters.)