Email marketing software

Email marketing software. The software for email marketing. What is the software for email marketing? - This is the program for sending e- mail to the mailing list. It is natural and common email clients (Outlook Express, The Bat!, Thunderbird) and web services allow you to do the same operations. But it is comparable to that one worked pochtolon the whole area of ​​the city. Theoretically possible to deliver all mail, but in practice it will take much more time. Email clients and services are designed to send personal mail, but is not suitable for sending large mailing lists.

I want to give some simple examples which operations can make software for email marketing as opposed to email clients:

Automatic control of the mailing list

People can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the mailing list on their own, without the need for a person to manually make changes to the list. Dead mailboxes are automatically excluded from the list. All this saves time, especially when the list has thousands of addresses.

automatic messages

Once someone subscribes to the newsletter, he sent a greeting message, you may be sent a letter of notification about a new subscriber.

monitoring distribution

Complete statistics for sent messages. For example: the number of delivered messages, which link the most popular of who clicked on the link, what time, what country, what is the most effective delivery and more.

mailing optimization

Email marketing software allows you to:

Significantly increase the speed of sending messages:
Create letters in strict accordance with the standards of HTML:
Personalize newsletter for each recipient:
Increase the rate of delivery of letters:
And if you're still using email clients for mailings - is similar to that write with a pen on paper to save on printer.