Email marketing tips

Email marketing tips. 10 Tips to increase the effectiveness of Email Marketing. Part one. Continuing the theme of Email Marketing today writing tips for organizing effective Email newsletters. Do not be put off by such a large number of boards, some of them obvious, some of them will help to simplify the work, some will bring you success. But one thing I can guarantee you, if you will not use the recommendations given in the article, success in email marketing you do not get anywhere.

1.Email marketing tips. Subscribe to Newsletter
By sending a newsletter to users who do not subscribe to it, you can hurt your brand, your company. I do not recommend to use only the checkbox to subscribe to the newsletter, it is desirable to use a two-tier system, which will require confirmation email addresses to hit him in the base distribution.

2.Email marketing tips. standing of a consignor
If you send too often a huge amount of email messages via smtp internet provider, you can get him out of favor. Especially if your messages will be affected spam filters. As a result, the provider may choose to block and send emails in bulk. So treat the requests to delete address from our mailing list immediately when they arrive, try to avoid falling into the black list, react to spam complaints.

3.Email marketing tips.Cleaning and analysis of the mailing list
Engage in cleaning your lists of duplicates, incorrect, outdated addresses. This can be done manually, but it is better to use special software to work with lists.

4.Email marketing tips. Use authentication technology
Some providers use methods that allow you to recognize the senders of letters to block spammers. For this purpose, they include an special signature and classifiers, such as: Sender ID, "whitelisting", SPF Classic. Ask your provider what methods it supports. Letters without a signature can be blocked, filtered or sent in bulk.

5.Email marketing tips. Test before shipping
HTML messages with images, backgrounds and other graphics may look different in different email programs and email web based services. Therefore, to submit test messages to different services: AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google and so on. This will help to check whether the same would look good in a letter to various services and will not be blocked if an email spam filters. In the case of blocking, change the contents of the letter, delete the images or attachments.

6.Email marketing tips. Establish a relationship of trust
Ask for the minimum amount of information during registration. To submit to the newsletter only what was said subscribes to. Trust relationships are worth a lot.

7.Email marketing tips. Respect the privacy of
Write and give the opportunity to users to check Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy).

8.Email marketing tips. Give the recipients
what they want and what they need Subscribers should be able to control everything, or they can simply unsubscribe. Give them the opportunity to choose the format list (text or HTML), the frequency and distribution of its content.

9.Email marketing tips. Add administrator functions in each email
Give subscribers the ability to manage their subscription, your contact information. Add this information at the bottom of each email.

10.Email marketing tips. Test, test and test this again
In addition to testing for delivery, you will also need to test which attributes are most influential on performance. For example, what day of the week a big return on mailings. What is the subject of the message has a greater effect on the result.