Restaurant marketing ideas

Restaurant marketing ideas. Did you know that ninety percent of all the restaurants are closed in the first year. Often this is due to several reasons such as: not an attractive food, bad service or successful marketing moves. Perhaps in your restaurant food is very good, as well as impeccable customer service, but this is not enough. Do you need good publicity, if you want to make a business successful. Restaurant business is not easy, as this business with a very high competition and make the right advertising strategy in this case is a very important thing.

1. Restaurant marketing ideas. Give publicity to the target audience.

You know that the food you serve at the restaurant is the best in town, but it is not yet know your potential customers. You should start with a print ad, try to place ads in newspapers, magazines and on information boards. Also do not forget about the people who work near your restaurant. In the cities, people have no time to go home for lunch, so people go for lunch at the cafe and restaurants and they really do not want fine dining, mostly business -lunch will be an ideal option for hungry customers. Also, do not be lazy to go to the nearby offices and leave your flyer . Certainly a new restaurant near the office of their interest. People need to know that you are preparing something that does not cook anywhere, whether Lobio of beans or even an ordinary soup, but cooked with "trade" secrets from the chef.
2. Restaurant marketing ideas. Specialty restaurant.

Always try to emphasize the specialization of your restaurant. Perhaps your restaurant specializes in rare dishes such as for example Lobio of red beans or delicious desserts, and maybe you have the best steaks in town? Advertising of food will surely help increase the flow of hungry customers.

3.Restaurant marketing ideas. Organization of competitions.

Another great idea is the organization of interesting contests, the most successful days, such as Friday. Contests can be different, such as speed eating cake. Winners receive a free course dinner with a bottle of good wine.

Also, do not forget the menu. Change the dishes on the menu is worth every 3-4 months, you can sochitat with this period of seasonal dishes. So for example in the spring and summer are good light dishes such as fruit, ice cream and desserts. Winter and fall far meats and hot dishes will be in high demand. But the most it should look attractive with colorful names of dishes.

If you are going to use such a powerful tool as marketing, there is no doubt your restaurant will become a very popular institution.