Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing - a set of marketing initiatives aimed at promoting goods or services with the use of cellular communication. For advertising information dissemination through mobile channels are used database of phone numbers that can be obtained in several ways. Legitimate - the addressee himself is giving consent to his newsletter advertising sms- messages. Illegal - when sending spam messages. In Europe, there are legal barriers to intrusive online advertising and is a criminal offense.

More often than telephone base formed by purchases of customers when they are making out gift, savings and bonus cards, sign the relevant documents. It is also widely used short numbers that customers call and write sms, to receive news on promotions, to conduct activities in order to answer the questions, etc. The target audience are often loyal to a mobile way to get information, the more that with the development of technology has increased the number of channels used by mobile marketing. Thus, the main technology used in mobile marketing:
voice messages:
sms- mailing
mms- mail. Are text or multimedia message, with the ability to use photos, videos, music, links, etc.
wap, gprs, edge, and other technologies that are available for information from the Internet with a mobile phone.
ivr - voice menu allows you to call , communicating with the phone prompts for information on issues of interest to order, learn about promotions, discounts, events, etc.
technology for creating applications for mobile platforms appropriate (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and others) ICB (Interactive Cell Broadcast) - distribution of interactive (clickable) Message - teasers at all subscriber terminals within range of the base stations. Technology is at the core services "Chameleon" (Beeline ), "Kaleidoscope" (megaphone) and "MTS -news" (Russian operator MTS) is used for Emergency mass notification.

ICB + (Salute) - a technological solution that allows as ICB, send teasers to the mobile subscriber terminals. In contrast, interactive broadcasting, ICB + works as a special applet on SIM-card, and without it, provides personalization and targeting, interacting with each subscriber individually and not with all the rooms in the coverage area of ​​the station. ICB + technology also allows operators to construct new interactive user services.
Currently ICB + is the commercial exploitation of the Belarusian mobile operator MTS (service "Be aware").
The main task of a mobile marketing continues to attract paying customers interested in the purchase of goods and services. Integrated use of available technology, reasonable recruitment and development of new distribution channels promotional information - lead to successful marketing, and, therefore, legitimate to raise revenues.