Marketing courses online

Marketing courses online. The most complete course in Ru Net on Internet marketing. On line course will give you practical skills in the field of Internet promotion, but also organizes and structures your experience.
Under the guidance of leading industry professionals you will learn how to build a strategy for your on line project master all the Internet marketing tools and understand how to make the site an effective sales channel.
In just 2 months you'll get the skills to greatly increase your profit on the project.

Marketing courses online may be of interest to a wide range of people - from ordinary professionals and entrepreneurs to business owners, and the resulting state following the course of the document may be a good argument for successful employment.


Target audience:
CEO s, senior managers, line managers
founders, managers and specialists of organizations - small and medium-sized businesses
individual entrepreneurs, professionals working with individual entrepreneurs

Targets of the course:
the program deals with modern technology market research and forecasting, managing marketing activities of the company, effective methods of increasing sales develop skills formation and implementation of marketing strategy