B2b social media

B2b social media. Surprising fact is that the respondents are aware that social media is important and can be used to increase customer loyalty and improve brand position, and yet, this awareness konrastiruet low level of activity and investment in this area.

According to our study, only 8% of B2B companies are showing significant activity in social media, and more than 25% either do not work in social media, or work very little

It also demonstrates the differences depending on the scope of activities. Companies in the field of communications, high-tech and media are present in social media is above average - and this conclusion is hardly surprising. Often, these companies not only provide tools for social networking, software and platform, but also directly involved in the organization of interaction and exchange of information in social media. In contrast, the company's primary sector support they expressed a lack of interest in social media and a limited presence in them. None of the respondents of the industry does not have the widespread use of social media. Respondents from other activities are between these diametrically opposed positions and are characterized by the presence of a minor in social media.

Looking closely to a rather meager involvement in social media, we have revealed the existence of a significant gap between the current and expected level of activity in the six areas in which the role of social media is perceived by most potentially significant

Respondents were asked to compare their current level of activity on social media with the expected priority activity in one year. The respondents expressed their intention to increase the activity in the social media in the context of sales, service, contact with partners and suppliers. The use of social media as a tool to search for innovations noted as the highest priority motive, and work in social media for marketing campaigns require, according to respondents, the most neglected. By and large, the respondents «Accenture» satisfied with the level of activity in social media in this area and point out that the marketing challenges now and in the one-year term will be decided "as they become necessary."

There are a number of reasons why B2B companies do not use all the social networking primuschestva

These obstacles may hinder companies to eliminate the gap between the current and expected level of activity in social media. More than a third of respondents noted that the effective use of social media requires a new, previously popular aspects: increased investment in some areas, including training, monitoring and evaluation activities and internal cooperation. Topping the list is necessary aspects (mentioned by about half of the respondents), the need for new tools and technologies.

In addition, the study results suggest that the lack of activity of companies in the social media associated with the uncertainty that they are doing the right capital investment to achieve their goals. Only a quarter of respondents expressed full confidence in the correctness of investments in social media. About 20% of weakly or not at all sure sure investment.

This data is much more others, the results of the study confirm our B2B companies around the world. Leaders understand the critical importance of social media in the effective organization of their business. To some extent, they even identified the tasks to solve the program of work in social media. However, many just do not know where to start. Lack of confidence creates the lack of action. As a result, the potential value of social media remains unclaimed.