Marketing software

Marketing software. The software should have the means to complete the research cycle from preparation of the script polls, questionnaire design, commissioning and monitoring of data entry and statistical processing and finishing with a graphical representation of the results. It is desirable that all the software to use a common language to describe scenarios of surveys and developing the appearance of the questionnaire. It is also particularly important to be able to quickly calculate the order, this is done using on line payment order and on line calculators.

The structure of the software should not only be open and modular, but also allows you to export the results in any application, and to improve reliability include special controls. In the competition with one of the conditions for the survival of a professional marketing information. The most important of its components are the provision of an adequate budget to attract qualified marketing managers are able to offer and make the right decisions. To work effectively it is important to create a good interaction of complex automation programs and the actual marketing programs. In the process of marketing companies have to engage in market research, forecasting sales, advertising and distribution, order processing, sales management, etc.

To meet these challenges requires processing large amounts of information using both simple and complex special methods of calculation. One of the challenges of working with marketing programs - who enter their data records management, its own statistics companies. Typically state marketing departments no operators, but if not data is entered by the operator prepared, the system enters a "dirty" information for which further cleaning takes a long time.

Instead of re-introduction of the internal market information more rationally organize its receipt of the units of accounting and accounting, having received external marketing information, process it together, run the usual accounting and financial calculations with marketing data as input. Thus it is possible to carry out standard (they and forward) calculation of cost and profitability of the product, the analysis of the real financial and other implications of marketing activities and draw appropriate conclusions. To date, the problem of computer illiteracy is very serious.