Drip marketing

Drip Marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drip", a set of per-written messages to the actual clients or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be used . Drip Marketing is different from other database marketing in two ways : the timing of the messages follow a predetermined course , the messages are dripped in a series applicable to a specific behavior or receptor status .


Email. The most common way is drip marketing email marketing because of the low cost associated with sending multiple messages over time . Drip Email marketing is often used with a form in a method called an autoresponder. In this method , an advantage filing on the website of a company and then entered into a drip marketing campaign with messages appropriate to the context of the form.

Direct mail . Although more expensive , direct mail software has been developed that enables drip marketing techniques using the traditional mail . This technology is based on digital printing where print runs are cost justifiable low volume , and variable data can be combined to personalize each drip message .

Social media . The drip marketing principles have been applied in many media social marketing tools to program a series of changes .

Lead generation

Drip marketing can be used as a function of the rating process and lead generation . Specifically , drip marketing is an automated tracking method that can augment or replace personal tracking lead . Often called Autoresponders , new tracks are automatically enrolled into a drip marketing campaign with messages relevant to the call to action that came to mind.

The advantages include automation and efficiency , as well as the possibility for direct response . Intelligent commerce sites , such as Dell , have made ​​this type of drip campaign with shopping carts without buying. Continuous messaging is relevant to the content that the buyer failed to buy , and to continue to include direct response actions .

Disadvantages include the tracking impersonally . If augmented with a traditional method and monitoring staff , the automated tracking has a lower response rate makes personal sales . The low response rate is often justified by the volume and efficiency with which you can generate leads and converts.

Sales Process

Drip Marketing popularly applied as a sales tool , especially in sales of long cycles. Whereas persistent monitoring can become an obstacle to closing the sale , drip marketing methods offer the ability to remain top of mind, and even quick action , without jeopardizing the relationship.


The phrase " drip marketing " is said to be derived from " drip " , a technique in agriculture / horticulture in feeding small amounts of water to the plants for long periods of time.