Lawyer (Latin advocatus-from advoco - invite )-a person whose profession is qualified legal assistance to individuals ( citizens, persons without citizenship) and legal entities ( organizations ), including the protection of their interests and rights in court. Advocacy as a profession known since ancient times.

First lawyers appeared in ancient Rome. first lawyers in Rome were bullets. In the face of them combine the two professions: solicitors and lawyers. Advocacy republican period of ancient Rome was a liberal profession and no corporate device had. Corporation professional trial lawyers formed in Rome in the era of the Empire, that is BC. Documented board lawyers defenders formed on the basis of well-known in later times principles required to be listed in the Matriculation (official list of people with a certain level of income) and successfully pass the tests (exams ) on the right. Advocacy device, formed in the era of the Empire, was a classic. It became the basis of all subsequent modifications of the legal profession, up to modern times.

The law prohibits lawyers to engage in entrepreneurial and other activities, except for the social, creative, research and teaching. Traditional ban lawyers in the service due to the fact that such a service can cause reduced quality of legal aid not only because of busy with other work, but also due to the loss of its independence advocate. Becoming employees, the lawyer must comply with the instructions will be senior officials, including those that are contrary to his beliefs. Such surrender is unacceptable, because the law profession requires independence from any outside influences and can be successful only under the influence of its debt, which gives the lawyer the opportunity to enter with proper firmness, determination, conviction.
Using its independence, the lawyer must remember that the goal can not justify the means. And rightly high goals fencing companies and protection of the individual against unfair accusations should be reach only ethical methods and techniques. Thus, providing legal assistance, an attorney is guided only provisions of the law and their professional duties and not opinions and evaluations of any of the bodies and officials, including the bodies and heads of legal practices.