Website marketing

The website marketing is the branch of marketing company that takes advantage of the online channel to study the market and develop business relations (promotion/advertising, distribution, sales, customer support, etc.). Typically tasks via the Web web marketing translate into first place with the publication of a project, then in the creation of a website and its promotion, in this way, the company oversees the web channel attracting visitors interested in the products/services in the set.

The web marketing strategies then joins promotion/traditional sales and market analysis offline, allowing you to start a relationship with the audience of this channel, a common example of this approach is the so-called virtual store (or online shop, shop online, online shop, online store).

Activities and strategies

The basic strategy of a draft website marketing is NOT to get maximum visibility to the site, as is often mistakenly think. Instead, it is essential to assess the rate of return on investment (ROI).
To gain visibility for your website, one of the most important actions is the Optimization for search engines "( Search Engine Optimization, SEO). It consists of optimizing the website in order to appear at the top of the results pages of a search engine, so as to make them more visible than those of competitors. It is of course essential before check consistency between the keyword used by the user in the researches and the content and theme corresponding to the website page where the user will land after clicking.
Until the nineties has been involved in web marketing webmaster of the site, or, in larger sites, a specialized person. In recent years we have witnessed the birth and success of specialized consulting agencies, referred to as "agencies search engine optimization" (SEO agencies) are also active consultants from the world of activities that now characterize the web marketing are the following:
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Pay per click, or click Payment for
banner campaign
Affiliate Program
Falls within the competence of each website marketing action plan that has as its purpose the return on investment (ROI) of an online project. The action is developed through the design of a project, the coordination of its implementation, the analysis of the results, the management of what follows the implementation, its promotion and management of the public's reaction (feedback ). It belongs to the plane of web marketing activities also change the perception of a brand or service through strategies of interaction with users and the market. Each project (with lenses) designed for the network must be coordinated by a web marketing plan.
It is often confused with the simple web marketing online promotion or publicity of a site on the web. In reality, as well as traditional advertising is a tool managed by the marketing plan, the promotional campaign through banners and links pay per click is organized and managed within the web marketing plan.

Promotional marketing online
The actions of this type of web marketing help to increase brand awareness and allow you to meet different communication needs such as: attract the user, report offered to surfers or advertise your own website.
Among the tools of promotional marketing online include classical techniques such as banner ads and so-called rich media, but also advertising models evolved as: interstitial, pop-up banners, pop-unders and sponsorship

Web Viral Marketing
The web viral marketing is to multiply the benefits of word of mouth over the internet.
To generate buzz or "viralizzare" a promotional campaign using the Web viral marketing products and strategies only related to web technologies such as: e-mail, video -viral, tell- a-friend programs, web 2.0 , blogs.
Far from being opposed to the traditional rules of marketing, viral marketing Web integrates seamlessly in advertising campaigns when used to launch a new product or to test the potential catchment area of a new service.
The Web Viral marketing is very suitable for the rapid creation of mailing lists not targhettizzate that later, with the techniques of web marketing classic, can be refined to achieve market niches helpful.
Instruments for the implementation of a plan of selling online

The Plan of network marketing
It is the backbone of the whole project of website marketing. Stretching out the plan, must be clearly outlined:
What are the objectives to be achieved.
What is the target to hit.
How and at what pace the whole strategy is to be developed.
What tools to use for the promotion of the site and for its monitoring.
The definition of a budget.
What risks and opportunities you may suffer.
Analysis of competition on the internet (and off-line)
The analysis of competition (competitive benchmarking) on the internet is a critical step in a project of web marketing.
Provides precise information about the strengths and weakness of the web project in relation to its competitors in the virtual marketplace and functional processes of the site.
Through the analysis of competitive benchmarking, or strategic, we can highlight the strengths of sites similar or identical to their own.
In particular, the analysis of benchmarking of a site can:
- Highlight weaknesses and critics in order to correct them and increase the conversion rate of users (eg e-commerce site, thematic portals):
- Highlight the thematic areas to multitema sites (eg geographic portals, information portals, e-commerce sites) where there is a definite lack of visibility in the search engines:
- Identify competitors more visible on the internet and analyze their strengths:
The competitive analysis is essential for many aspects, two on all:
- Getting to know the real competitors in the market:
- Allows you to make decisions about changes to the site to improve its performance in terms of ranking (visibility in search engines) and operating procedures by simplifying the user or decreasing the actions that they perform to achieve certain objectives (eg a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter).