There are different interpretations of the term capacious CRM (Customer Relationship Management): someone sees a combination of letters under this methodology of doing business, and someone - software for automating this methodology. And they both are right. But we place the correct accents.

In fact, CRM - this is a specific way of doing business, where the cornerstone of the company puts the customer. That is, the CRM strategy involves the creation of such mechanisms in the interaction with clients to help their needs have the highest priority for the company. Such a customer focus does not only affect the overall business strategy of the company, but also corporate culture, structure, business processes and operations.

The main purpose of the introduction of CRM- strategy - the creation of the conveyor to attract new customers and develop existing customers.

Manage relationships means to attract new clients, neutral buyers turn into loyal customers of the regulars to form business partners.

CRM- system - is the embodiment of automation CRM- strategy

A very important role in making the CRM-strategy into practice played by information technology. CRM software tools are specialized systems designed to automate most of the business processes, procedures and operations that are implemented in the form of CRM-strategy.

As a key tool for winning and retaining customers, CRM- applications minimize the human factor when dealing with clients and will improve the transparency of the activities in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service.

At the same time, it is important to realize that automation of the customer relationship is important but not the only, and not a primary step in building a client-oriented company. Software product - it's a handy tool that will support the existing regulations and processes, and will grow with the company.