Performance management

performance management. Concepts. Human Capital: To improve the performance of an employee, it is important to assess all the skills, experience, knowledge, talents, skills and qualities of the worker. Using this concept, employees can increase their profitability and that of the company. Management: Management is the set of organizational techniques used by officers of a company in order to improve the performance and profitability of their organization.

The application of the performance in an organization is an effective method to combine personal goals of employees with those of the company in order to achieve organizational goals. As mentioned in the article by Jean -François Dumais and Benoit Leduc, Organizational effectiveness through management performance, "We must meet several criteria to ensure that the management of employee performance is much more than a simple performance evaluation and leads to organizational performance." To ensure the performance of his team, the organization must implement a performance management system that meets its objectives and values. In addition, it is necessary to design development plans that arises from business goals and its members. Finally, we must establish evaluation standards in order to meet the requirements of company.

In each environment, it is possible to evaluate the performance of each and every order to improve the performance of a group of individuals. The performance management also enables organizations to better communicate their common and operational goals. Indeed, when the performance reached its highest level, the company can receive a range of benefits such as increased income of the organization, improve interpersonal relationships between members and simplifying tasks leaders in implementing a control system . More when a company generates a significant increase in revenue, it is clear that all members can benefit. In this perspective, employees who can improve their performance and experience a wage increase which increases, in the same way, their recognition within the organization for which they travaillent.Bref, this may encourage them to contribute more to the success of company, leading the organization to take this performance.