Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM ) - a group of solutions that provide planning and supply chain management. System of supply chain management(SCM)-a modern tool to automate the process of planning, managing all stages of the supply of the enterprise. Accurate planning, control and supply chain management enables the company to optimize inventory given the seasonality of demand, promotional activity, the availability of products with different rates of turnover and production capacity. Automated supply chain management will be particularly useful for companies with multi-channel marketing, realizing the goods through a developed branch network partners through the Internet - shops.
Key benefits from the use of supply chain management are to increase the accuracy and adequacy of forecasts inventory planning, taking into account various factors (seasonality, promotional activities, etc.), while reducing runoff stocks in warehouses. Effective supply chain management favorably affect the operation of the company and a warehouse as a whole, will allow to reach a new level of service, reduce the cost of each warehouse operations more efficient use of storage space by optimizing inventory.
Increase the accuracy of forecasts for strategic decision making.
Inventory optimization.
Reduce the time and cost of processing orders.
Efficient use of storage space.
Increasing level of service.
Demand forecasting, including considering the marketing promotion activities.
Control interaction with partners throughout the supply chain.
Supply chain management in the context of planning and demand forecasting often in real life, is reduced to the construction of formal, outlooks, leading to possible loss of orders due to lack of stock on hand, deposits of certain categories of goods, "suddenly" lost demand. Ultimately, these "mistakes" are directly reflected in the financial performance of the enterprise. Lucid supply chain management will enable the company to release part of the money frozen in stocks spent on providing excessive storage space, additional staff time.

Functionality of supply chain management enables daily monitor inventory status, the level of demand, control the level of quality of service, to calculate the optimal order and recommended the simulator "what if."

Manhattan Associates, a global leader in supply chain management, for several years, offering its solutions in the Russian market. Major companies around the world have trusted supply chain management solutions from Manhattan Associates. Model building a business in major Western companies today is somewhat different from the overall picture of Russian business. Nevertheless,the trend toward "conscious" planning sales targets on customer satisfaction (prompt delivery, return policies, etc.) appear in the focus of Russian companies seeking to intensive development and application of global best practices in the management, effective use of its own resources.

Transparency of the whole cycle of merchandising, reduce the cost of procurement and logistics, improving the quality of customer service is becoming a reality with the advent of supply chain management Manhattan Associates.