Financial Management

Why study financial management? Financial management studies dealing with the complex financial economy. In companies fall departments such as controlling and accounting, to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the company's leadership in this area. Wait here a variety of tasks for you. Also in auditing or consulting company financial managers operate. Tax law, cost-performance calculations and business administration are just some of the aspects of a financial management course. Even under the international name for Finance & Management You can complete such a study.

What can I expect in financial management studies?

The financial management program prepares you comprehensively before landing a job in the financial industry. In addition to business priorities you learn especially know the tax law. In addition, you are basics which, mediates company's major areas such as controlling, accounting and marketing. During your studies at least 6 semester you will receive comprehensive training in Business English. Not infrequently Your study also includes a semester abroad. Similarly, internships usually as part of the curriculum.

What requirements must I meet for a study of financial management?

Usually you need only the technical college for a financial management course at a technical college or a business school. In some cases, however, relevant work experience, the general university or a previous training is required. Also an aptitude test or a personal conversation can come to you. In it, you should demonstrate that you have a good understanding of mathematics and there is a general interest in business and finance.

What can I do to study financial management?

In addition to the higher education in business administration, in which often the focus can be set financial management, some institutes also offer a pure financial management studies. In this case, although the terms vary from vendor to vendor, but the content is largely the same. So the program is, for example, often sold under the name Finance & Management. In addition, there is an International Financial management studies, foreign languages ​​and the consideration of the financial world over the country's borders has to focus. In addition, you have the opportunity to study financial management in distance learning or in the dual degree.

What is the job description of a finance manager?

As a financial manager or financial manager you are responsible for the planning and control of finances, for example, in a larger company. The highest position for a financial manager is the CFO. Many companies have several departments covering in financial management each have different areas of responsibility. Also in auditing or consulting firms you can act according to your financial management studies.

What career prospects as a financial manager I have?

In any company, specialists are needed who are familiar with the economy, taxes and balance sheets to take on the financial planning. Most companies have entire departments that deal with this area of ​​responsibility. As studied expert with knowledge of the national and international financial market You are a sought-after expert and have good opportunities to take the job away.

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