Marketing Management

marketing Management. Over time, all those engaged in the process of exchange, learn to improve it. In particular, sellers gain greater professionalism in the management of their marketing. We define marketing management as follows:

Marketing Management - this analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of activities designed to establish, strengthen and maintain a profitable exchanges with target buyers in order to achieve certain objectives of the organization, such as profit, sales growth, increased market share.

In its most popular form of marketing manager appears as a specialist, is seeking as many clients as you need for the implementation of the total volume of products produced by the company at the moment. However, this - too narrow view of the terms of its objectives. Marketing Manager is engaged not only the creation and expansion of demand, but also the problems of change, and sometimes cuts. The task of marketing management is the impact on the level of time and the nature of demand in such a way as to help the organization achieve its goals. Simply put, marketing management - is demand management.

The organization develops ideas about the desired level of demand for their products. At any given time the level of real demand may be lower than desired, to match it or exceed it. With all of these states and have to deal with marketing management.

Marketing Executives - this company officials involved in the analysis of marketing situations, implementation of the plans and/or conducting the controls. This includes managing the sales and marketing officers, executives service advertising, sales promotion specialists, marketing researchers, managers and professionals by goods on pricing.