IT project management

A successful IT project management is now the most important factor in the search for ever more economic enterprise design: It has become a key factor in the ongoing automation. Since classical project management for this turns out to be insufficient for new ways to make IT project management success.

Globalization, short project times and especially repeatedly short-term changes (Moving Targets) therefore force agile approaches.

In addition to the trend towards greater flexibility, characterized by the agile methods, but also the root causes are examined why IT project management is different or has to be used differently.

The trend is therefore towards the rediscovery of the most important producers in IT projects, the employee and his or her individual interests and needs, and how it is integrated into the network of other employees. Anyway, he is involved in the project, he plays the most important role. Professionalization of the IT project management is therefore.
has always been to put them right and to focus his interests with those of the project and the team.

It must therefore also systemic and cybernetic approaches are considered in addition to agile approaches, as well as the exchange of values ​​in the relationship network of collaborators and stakeholders. It shows: Only if all views are taken into account, an IT project can be optimally managed.

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