Ppc Management

PPC Management (Pay Per Click). PPC advertising sounds great, you offer more than the others, and get the top job. But this can be a trap: Offer for bad keywords, or focus to the wrong audience, and you end up spending a fortune with no results.

MaisMedia - pay per click
The answer? Maismedia Services PPC management. We will help you choose keywords that can generate more traffic at the lowest cost and then adjust your campaign to get the best performance.

ppc management. Audience

First, we work with you to determine your audience. Who will find your business? Who is clicking on your Adwords, Yahoo or other pay per click ads?. The audience for their campaigns Pay Per Click (PPC) will be different from the optimization campaign for "natural" or receive visitors other channels results. We take this into account so that we can optimize the best keyword list for your campaign. By "natural" results we refer to the overall performance of search engines, the better we will see in the following image:

ppc management. Objectives

We will work with you to find out exactly what your PPC campaign must meet.

ppc management. Keywords

Select the set of keywords that will be most relevant to the lowest cost traffic.

ppc management. Landing pages

The PPC ads are not just management. Let's review the fate of their PPC ad pages so that your visitors will see a clear and precise call to action.

ppc management. Size and Fit

We then analyze the performance of the campaign and conversion rates, and adjust each keyword group for optimal performance.