Project Management Software

Project Management Software (PMS short) is software that helps in the implementation of project management tasks.Basically, project management is also possible without a special software application. In particular, at a high project complexity, many stakeholders, or integration with enterprise systems (ERP, accounting, document management system, etc.) can project management software provide valuable services. In the market a number of providers of project management software has been established. Some software solutions are industry-specific.

After their functionality and purpose different categories of software can be distinguished, which are used in project management. Functional corresponding PM applications are often used only for certain sub- disciplines of PM, such as scheduling. Larger PM packages cover several or all aspects of the PM from integrated. House developments are generally used only for isolated aspects, otherwise solutions are used by the software market.

PM tools may support simultaneously the tasks of project management and operational project work: For example, the project manager defines the planned activities, the project staff document the results in the same tool.