Project Management Office - a group of people that defines and maintains standards and processes related to project management in the organization.Transformation PMO department from a cost center into a profit center. PMO.
During the recession and poor economic prospects for the company are always keen to control costs, while revenues remain the same. Not surprisingly, the support unit first to suffer from the CFO measures to streamline costs. During this confusion PMO struggling to avoid a reduction in costs and resources are forced to cut in and out of service.

E2E project managers are important to ensure the implementation of strategic projects
Companies spend a lot of time and effort into the creation and development of PMO design methodologies that enable them to implement its strategic initiatives. Often these initiatives include the organization inside and out, are complex in nature and very versatile in their implementation.

Management consultants and failures of project management. PMO
Many PMO suffering from acute identity crisis and constantly fighting with other departments to prove their worth. Common failures culprit PMO - lack of support facilities - not the main reason. Common cause of failure is the PMO role in the creation of management consultants PMO.

Key performance indicators of: success rates. PMO
This is part 2 of a series of 2 parts. Part 1 of this series, I considered co-dependent relationship between management and project management department. 2nd article describes the specific key performance indicators, which are newly created PMO can use to evaluate yourself to ensure that the needs of the organization.

Building relationships between management and department.PMO
This is part of the 1st of a series of 2 parts. The first article examines co-dependent relationship between management and project management department. In the 2nd part describes the specific key performance indicators, which are newly created department can use to evaluate themselves, to ensure that the needs of the organization.

Demonstration of the usefulness of project management. PMO
Potential Benefits of Project Management (PMO) are numerous and well documented. However, many of these benefits are never realized. Check out the project management department for all years, and you will find that many have been reorganized, disbanded or were forced to constantly justify their existence during economic downturns and periods of rapid growth.

Accelerate your success of project management. PMO
You are in the kitchen, surrounded by ingredients, and you are asked to prepare a meal. Looking around, you find the following set of products: flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, meat, vegetables and fruit. You think, "No problem, I can cook something quickly." Then again you look around and see that there is no stove. There are also no pots, pans, utensils and a cookbook.

Can you describe the perfect meeting of Project Management?PMO
First, we describe the situation of the company, which employed a specific project management department. This was the average software development company, is divided into four separate businesses. PMO manage the entire project. Specialists from each department directly subordinate to functional managers and project management team worked closely with functional managers.

Is it possible to create the Department of Project Management, Agile development practitioner (Agile)? PMO
Sometimes it seems that flexible (Agile) development environment will always be at odds with the structure and constraints of project management.

The reason for the collapse of the departments for managing IT projects.PMO
Only a third of all departments to manage IT projects working as it should. For those who know how to count, that obviously means that two-thirds of departments for managing IT projects (or PMU ) crash. In these figures there is nothing scientific, and no studies do not confirm this - these figures are the result of observation, and you can always try to explore this area themselves.

Three types of project management departments. PMO
There are three main types of departments in project management (PMO) organizations, and each type depends on the degree of control and influence, which have departments on projects. You need to determine the required type in order to establish effective project management department.

Achieving results using organization of project management.PMO
Public authorities are constantly trying to provide the best results - they are constantly working to be more efficient and better to spend the taxpayers' money. Sadly, however, the current polls show that more than half of the projects went over budget, did not have time in this time and did not meet the original business objectives.

Why Project Management departments fail. PMO
There are various ways to perform tasks and results. Many large organizations have a Project Management Office (PMO - Project Management Office), which can identify the processes and choose the best way to perform a task.

How to avoid blindly following the planned trajectory for project management.PMO
Let's get straight to the point - project management can not be an effective way to control if it is presented in the form of filling in the forms. In nastoyascheevremya management strategy of many organizations and individuals rests on not to become a slave to the methodology. Do not misunderstand, there are many good methodologies, and each has its own role, but project management is not only in their application.

A phased approach to project management.PMO
If you want to take the help of a consulting company for the creation of the Project Management Unit (PMU), then you should consider a few important factors for choosing a suitable company.

Successful project management department and programs. PMO
Many models of the Programme Management Division (PMO) tends to infinity. There are companies that have already established them, helped in the organization of the department for another company or even consulted with smaller companies that are trying to develop their project management processes.

Key steps in creating a project management department.PMO
What is a department of project management? Department of Project Management - a centralized, coordinated by the department in an organization (or project), which is a central point for managing projects. It can identify and handle problems of project management in order to support and facilitate the achievement of the project organization.

How not to become the "overhead" of project management.PMO
At the moment we are experiencing economic decline, which causes many companies to cut costs in order to survive. There are many ways to cut costs and, unfortunately, is a popular way of layoffs, closing projects, and even entire departments. Consequently, almost all in the business world are looking for a way to justify their work to senior management and stakeholders in order to maintain its position.

Establishment of the Project Management.PMO
In today's complex business environment is constantly creating new projects, as organizations are looking for new ways to reduce costs, improve processes, increase productivity and your bottom line. The management of such multifaceted projects involving people, resources, technology and methods of communication - it is a complex task for which the risk associated with the collapse of the project, often too large. Effective solution that will establish a more centralized management structure for large groups of projects, is a department of project management (Project Management Office - PMO).