Change management

Change management - a structured approach to the translation of individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. The purpose of this organizational process is empowering employees to accept and support the changes in their current business environment. In project management, change management is considered as project management process, which formally submitted and approved changes to the project.

Sometimes the question arises: what else can be controlled, if not change? After all, management is possible that moves the process. And directing the process we produce change. Frozen control impossible.

For practical purposes it is convenient to divide the concept of management and change management. The latter will be the first private option. It has some features that are not found in other departments, but follows the general laws control.

Managing the process of movement of the subject we manage change in position from one point to another. And so we will assume management control of movement. A driving change - Managing change control of the subject (his habits, state). Ie if the subject before moving on is always the same trajectory, and we taught him to move on the other - made a change.

Examples of organizational changes
Change of strategy
Changes in technology
Changes in the structure
Changing attitudes and behavior of staff
As science multidistsiplinnaya change management requires a creative marketing communications for change and a deep understanding of leadership styles and group dynamics. The projects to transform the organization change management synchronizes the expectations of different groups, organizes communication, team integrates and manages the education and training of people.