Business plan

At a certain stage of business creation rises need to draw up a business plan. Any business owner knows how important it is to prepare a business plan wisely, in fact it will hallmark when applying to a bank for a loan or to potential investors.

Business plan - an economic enterprise management software, describing the complete business development strategy of competitive products to optimize markets.

Components of the business plan
In drawing up a business plan can and should be guided by the requirements of the Federal Fund for Small Business Support and UNIDO When a business plan can and should be guided by the requirements of the Federal Fund for Small Business Support and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - an international organization that formulates the strategy of economic development of countries in transition. According to these requirements your business plan should include the following sections:

Summary (review section).
This is undoubtedly the most important part of your business plan. Can and should be perceived as a separate document. Therefore, it must be contained in the summary of reliable and sufficiently complete description of the essence of the project. This section is read by all investors, because in it contains the answers to all their questions: what should be the size of the loan, which may be maturity, what guarantees are provided. Further points of the business plan are, in fact, detailed explanations and evidence of the facts stated in the summary.

Description of the company.
 In this section of the business plan should describe the company. For this, we describe the goals and objectives of the project, financial and economic characteristics of the activity management system and personnel structure, sector of the economy and the place of your business, advertising opportunities, know-how used, partnerships, geography project. It is pointed out the legal form, the importance of each of the partners in the creation and management of the enterprise.

Description of goods (services). In drawing up the business plan describes the very detailed way made by the enterprise product or service. You must specify the name of the product, its distinctive features, competitiveness, readiness for production, safety, environment, and the concept of pricing. It also is important to describe how they will be used to monitor the quality of products, service capabilities (both warranty and post-warranty), as well as necessary for licensing agreements and patents.

For clarity, also attached a copy of your product (or the same pictures, drawings).

Market analysis.
 In this section of the business plan describes conducted marketing research concerning market for products of your company. In drawing up the business plan needs to convince potential investors that your product has a distinctive from competitive properties to ensure that a market. Therefore it is necessary to describe a strategy to attract buyers (promotions, distribution of product samples), pricing (including price changes over the previous five years), and hence the alleged sales. In addition, must be considered the main competitors, the advantages and disadvantages of their products (services), the percentage of presence in the market, possible responses to the output of your company.

Production plan. In compiling this part of the business plan you need the very detailed way to describe the way in which the company will produce and sell the products. Must take into account all costs of production and to enter the production process in the schedule. Some of the costs include the level of staff costs plus the cost of the actual production (raw materials, purchase or rental of premises, equipment, utilities, etc.). And here it is necessary to consider the availability of all this: is treated as an opportunity to timely supply of raw materials, equipment and other start-up and ready for the future work of the enterprise, and the availability of all necessary personnel with adequate training providing them with appropriate working conditions and the level of payment.
Marketing plan. This component of the business plan should reflect all the factors affecting the sale of products. Necessary to describe the basic principles of pricing depending on the level of demand, cost of production and sale of the product, the price of the relevant competitors' products, the image of your company. Give a characterization of the potential buyer of your product (service).
In addition, it is important to take into account factors that could affect the sales - seasonal changes in demand, prices (both wholesale and retail customers), payment terms (eg, the possibility of buying on credit) and so on.

Financial plan.
This section of the business plan involves the description of the main items of financial data: the cost of the preparatory and main periods, calculations of revenues from the project, tax payments, financial projections. Ie in other words, the basis of the financial plan is taken statements of expenditure and income, plan cash flow and balance sheet (financial position at a particular time).
To attract investment, in this section of the business plan must also be mapped in detail the following information: the payback period, yield indices, as well as uncover questions about the level of responsibility of the borrowers, the system guarantees timely payments, the timing of these payments, and others.

Sensitivity analysis.
 Component of the business plan, in which the sustainability of the project is calculated to possible external economic changes (inflation, late payment of consumers) and internal (changing product prices, sales volume). And identifies the break-even, ie the level at which the plant will have zero income.
Environmental and Regulatory Information. The business plan must also describe the environmental aspect of the project and a set of normative documents (with a timetable for their preparation), allowing production.

Applications. This section exists in the business plan for this to offload the main points from the calculations, tables, charts, instruments and so on.
Whom to entrust the preparation of a business plan?

If you are instructed to draw up a business plan to its employees, then you are primarily able to save on time and money, because your employees are familiar with the specifics of the project As can be seen from the description of the items of the business plan, the creation of this document - not an easy task. You, as a project manager, can go three roads: a business plan for yourself, order it from the experts, or writing a document to instruct their employees. Each path has its positive and negative sides. For example, if you book a business plan from a company that specializes in their writing, then, as from experts, you will get a well-written document with reasonable economic calculations. However, in drafting your business plan professional advisers may take a long time to learn the specifics of production. And, of course, the work of professionals will cost you quite expensive.

  If you are instructed to draw up a business plan to its employees, then you are primarily able to save on time and money, because your employees are familiar with the specific project. However, your staff may not know how to properly prepare a business plan, as well as employees can approach irresponsible to additional instructions.
If you decide to write a business plan yourself, then, first of all, you will save, and secondly, and most importantly, will understand all the smallest details of the project, and get invaluable experience for the future. True, it is likely you will spend a lot of time to work.
The best option would be the union of all these possible ways in one. Let producing part write your employees, they are quite well-versed in this matter. Try as a leader, to make as much of a business plan yourself. And to control literacy refer to specialists. They help you to correct mistakes and to add some points if necessary.

In conclusion MirSovetov gives you some useful recommendations. Your business plan, in the final version, in which he will appear before the bankers or investors, should be performed at a high level printing. On the cover page but name should be placed on information privacy, and please return the instance in the case of disinterest project. Your business plan must be readable, certainly you must have a business plan contents, convenient subsections, for explanations and use evidence of statistical data (do not forget to include links to the source), drawings, diagrams and photographs.

So, a business plan - a person of your project at a meeting with bankers, investors and employees support services business. For you, it worked as an economic scheme of building a business. A good business plan - the first step on the path to prosperity.