Small business grants

Small business grants. For many aspiring entrepreneurs grants for small businesses - the only way to start a business. For some - a good support at the initial stage. What you need to consider when applying for a grant and how to dispose of funds?

small business grants - this grant assistance to companies to carry out their activities. At the same time, mandatory report on the intended use of allocated funds. Who can become a grant start-up capital, which allows to open your own business.

What you need for a small business grants?

First of all, your idea should be challenging and interesting. Also, you definitely need a competent business plan in which all costs are economically feasible. Gather in advance all the necessary documents: copies of all relevant pages of the passport and all the constituent documents, certificate of state. registration and entry in the register of small businesses. Do not forget to apply the fixed form. Those who have no experience in obtaining grants to better focus on business in the service sector. Typically, such projects often provide funding. Especially popular are the cleaning companies, workshops, training courses, advertising agencies and other businesses that require minimal investment in the purchase, delivery and storage of goods.

How do you get the money?

Funding allocated to a predetermined target, and you do not get cash. Money is allocated to your company, which must already exist legally. Where it is possible, as an aid granted or other necessary equipment for the enterprise. Often the money is allocated at once in full and parts.
All real obtain funds for the purchase of raw materials, plant and equipment, lease of premises. The advantage is that you have the equity, with which you cover the cost of buying at least part of the necessary equipment.

How to use the small business grants?

You are solely responsible for the distribution of sponsorship money. Misuse of Funds may cause negative reputation of your company, and it will be impossible to fix.
Remember that the decision to refuse to provide assistance is often imposed only because your idea does not fit the theme of the grant. Carefully read all the information - who may be granted funding, what are the conditions of participation, etc. So you will save time. Foreign investors are more likely to choose those who have participated in such programs, and fund research in the field of economy, culture, and ecology. Unlike domestic funds, foreign flawlessly willing to finance the payment of workers.

Public funds, whose main task is the problem of employment, prefer to help newly opened companies and socially disadvantaged groups. Selecting a state venture funds often falls on projects aimed at the development of science, education, agriculture and manufacturing.