Business loans

COMMERCIAL LENDING. With our Business Loans have access to the most convenient solution market financing for the purchase of commercial property, or meet other financial needs of your business, to pay with easy installments and financing up to 70 % of assessed valuation.

Business loans. benefits

Competitive interest rate.
There is no penalty for advance payments or special fertilizers. Perform fertilizers to the loan to reduce the monthly payment and/or the term of the loan.
Financing up to 10 years.

Business loans. Customer Documentation

If individual, Registration Number in the Directorate General of Internal Taxes (Tax Administration) and complete form of related data.
If individual, complete loan application form. If it's company letter requesting phallicity.
Copy of identity card or passport and Election, if abroad, the applicant or company representative.
Authorization consultation applicant's credit bureau or company representative.

Property Documentation

Property appraisal.
Certificate of title to the property
Cadastral surveying ENCASO letter being recorded.
Certification Fees and Assessments.
Receipt of payment of the Tax on Real Estate - Property - IPI (IVSS ).

business loans. financial documentation

If the requested amount is less than RD $ 10,000,000, the customer must submit: individual
Recent financial statements signed by an authorized public accountant (CPA ) . (Less than 6 months).

Financial Statements (including the Cash Flow Statement) for the last 2 fiscal years, signed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Recent Court of the financial statements, if six months have elapsed after the close