Business plan sample

Business plan sample. The business plan requires any project - though small, though average, though large. Many people hear the word "business plan", lost and wrong to think that this is a difficult time for the understanding of an ordinary person a document that contains only the financiers clear tables, figures and graphs.

In fact, a business plan - it is of the essence of the business idea, confirmed by calculation of its value, profitability and general - the advisability of its implementation, and it consists not only of tables and figures, and in its most part - of textual information.

Based on the standard indicators, which should highlight the business plan, such as profitability, payback period, and the planned amount of income, the investor decides whether to invest in the project.

And when the question is how to write a business plan, many are faced with an abundance of information on this subject, which is replete with difficult -to-understand terms for people who have never to this area not contacted.

In fact, a business plan can everyone. To do this, you can take as a basis a business plan sample for your sphere. Find examples of business plans is easy and quick to the Internet, and you can also go for a service business plan development in special firms that specialize in this.

Consider the main sections of the business plan:
1. Summary - an overview of the project objectives, the direction of economic activity, the total project cost (the amount of initial investment), including the available amount of cash, and those that are missing and you want to take out a loan or from other sources.

2. The concept of the project, showing a particular product or service contemplated by the manufacture, sale or resale. In other words, there is a detailed description of the products or goods.

3. Production plan, including specific dimensions (values) necessary costs and expenses, as well as pension and other types of mandatory contributions.

4. Technology plan. This section should be orderly and phased detail described the main business process activity with an estimated duration of each operation and the whole cycle as a whole.

5. Marketing plan containing specific ways sales and estimated selling price and size of the expected revenue. In addition, there must specify the activities that are planned to overcome the competition in his chosen field: advertising campaigns, competitive advantage.

6. Organizational plan that includes information on the legal form of the organization of the enterprise: the legal entity or individual entrepreneurship, ownership (or other copyright violations) the instruments of production, location of business, ability to attract employees and prospective payment for their labor. Lists and describes all the basic arrangements.

7. The financial plan should be presented in the form of estimates (calculation) of expenditure, income and cash flow table. It must be observed and calculated all the tax, insurance, pension deductions. Indicated planned (calculated) and the payback period of the project profitability index.

8. Applications: as such can be used tables, charts, calculations detailing all alleged financial transactions.

Taking a sample business plan for the desired scope, you can easily create a similar plan for their evidence, consider all that you need, and nothing is missed. Naturally, each new event business plan will have individual characteristics.

A successful business plan is the design parameters of profitability, which is not lower than the standard values ​​for a particular industry sector, as well as an acceptable payback period for the investor.