Register business name

Register business name. In today's business environment timely registration of company name to avoid possible problems with illegal use of the brand you hyped. Cases when interesting ideas just stolen and subsequently unwind simply because another company more money on advertising and PR. In future to prove their rights to their same idea is almost impossible, and the consumer as a result of advertising campaigns already formed an opinion.

Which can be avoided if the time to register business name of the company? illegal use of symbols and trademarks.
output or services using your brand.
the formation of the consumer misconception resulting from use of products or services sold under the brand name used illegally.
theft of company name.

How to register a business name of the company?
Registration brand comes at a time of registration of the legal entity.
You can not use existing brands or confusingly similar.
To select a brand name that can be registered is recommended to perform checks on the base.
Information about the registered corporate name entered in the Unified Register of Legal Entities.
As a result, registration of company name forever protects your brand from misuse. In case of violations by third parties, you can in court to defend their right to the brand name, to require the company that later began to use the same name, change it, and also to compensate the losses that you have suffered from this.