Business plan fast food

Business plan fast food. To date, the problem of catering is rather important. The existing catering quick service (fast food) can be divided into two types: large and small businesses fast service.

The former include restaurants and cafes. Their distinguishing feature is the high level of service and quality of service at a high enough price, that is, they are targeted at people with a high income.

The second group are small eateries and bars. They can be divided further into two types:
Expensive branded eateries and bars, which are of high quality service and high enough close to large businesses catering prices.
Small eateries that offer cheap though, but not always quality products.
Common feature is the limited range of products, which is caused by the small size of the premises occupied by them.

In most cities, the existing catering facilities (especially in the central business and administrative areas) can not fully meet existing market demand and there is a real need for a quick-service cafe with a wide range of products, high service and quality of service and relatively high prices.

Significant seasonal fluctuations in demand in this sector catering is not observed, since weekdays are the main consumers of the people working in nearby offices and students, and in the evenings and weekends - people coming from other areas for cultural recreation and guests.

Pricing policy similar fast-food consumer-oriented middle-income countries.

Despite the fact that the business plan has been developed for a long time, the main thing here - to understand the algorithm of preparing a business plan.

By and large, all you need to make up -to-date business plan to fast food cafe or fast food - it's just slightly to adapt it to the realities of your city and adjust the corresponding figures.

Business plan fast food
Purpose of the project
The aim of the project is to create a quick-service cafe in the city to serve residents and visitors alike. Activities of an undertaking aimed at providing services in catering for people with average income.

company Description
This project will be implemented without a legal entity to reduce taxation and simplify the financial statements.
To finance the project will take a soft loan for a period of 1 year.
The total number of jobs created, including the head - the certificate holder to private entrepreneurship - 12 people.

Performance Indicators Project
Calculated for the period: 1... 24 months.
Discount rate: 18%
Payback period: PBP = 3 months.
Profitability index: PI = 1,39