Restaurant business plan

Restaurant business plan. How to write a business plan for restaurant, cafe, bar Opening any restaurant, cafe, bar (yes, indeed, any public catering) begins with understanding ideas and careful planning. The restaurant owner should decide on what kind of target audience will be oriented restaurant where better to place the institution which will be attendance and average ticket size. Thus, even at the idea stage, the entrepreneur is for a preliminary business plan restaurant.

Restaurant business as a whole is characterized by rather high competition. And yet, despite the saturation of the market for catering services always have and always will be a demand. Especially in places with more affordable prices, which include cheap fast food restaurants and cafes.

If you divide the market of inexpensive cafe segment, then each of them the picture changes somewhat saturation. According to statistics, the most promising are Internet cafes, cafeterias, literature, children's and vegetarian (a craze for a healthy lifestyle) cafe. Similar niche cafe is still not very much, and their discovery gives a chance to get your audience quickly. However, much depends on the particular town or district in which such planned glad institution. All you need to do before choosing a place or a cafe concept - a moot point. In the presence of great ideas can be difficult to find a suitable property and vice versa.

Perhaps budding entrepreneur makes sense to seek the services of consulting companies. There you will be able to offer several options for the purchase or lease of premises or (if necessary) of land. If you want to buy a business, then this opportunity may bytpredostavlena. Specialists consulting firm hold on your order market research, analyze promising business ideas or chosen find a better, according to your financial capabilities.

You can also book and a business plan for your future cafe. If necessary, additional funding to develop a business plan cafe held in two copies, which differ among themselves. One copy of the business plan - for the customer, and the second - for investors and lending institutions. Future cafe owner receives a document containing information about the main stages of a business organization, painted in detail, as well as long-term and short-term planning for the future development of the enterprise. Investors, first and foremost, the interests of efficiency investments, guarantees repayment of the loan on time and with the interest due and the profitability of investments.

Basically, a business plan for their own use cafes under force and the very future of the business owner. You can find and download a ready restaurant business plan usual cafe, children's cafe, internet cafe, or any other similar businesses catering to the Internet, including on our website. Only then it will need to adjust to fit your particular circumstances. You can do this yourself or resorting to the services of specialists.

How to write a business plan for a restaurant or cafe. Template and recommendations.
The main thing - to take into account the main key points and subtleties required for a business plan. Competent business plan should include a detailed description of both the project and its financial component.
For example, consider a business plan for a small cafe. Here are the points you need to reflect in its business plan.

Description of project
Opening a small democratic cafe with 40 seats.
Providing quality services catering to visitors from middle income countries.

The main stream of visitors at lunchtime and after work in the evening. Service as individual users and services for organizing small banquets, celebrations.

Marketing and Sales
Beautifully decorated signs and shop windows, original design. Advertising on the Internet, television, radio and in the press. Informing employees about work places nearby businesses, advertising campaigns. Sign long-term contracts with the heads of the organizations for corporate service employees.

Obtaining the necessary work permits and licenses in checking instances.

The production side
Location. District location of several enterprises, characterized by a good cross. Area about 200 sq.m.

Number of employees 12 people (cooks - 2 waiters - 4, bartenders - 2 administrators - 2 Accountant - 1, laborers - 2, cleaner - 1).

Equipment: tables and chairs for the hall and outbuildings, rack bars, display units, refrigeration units, cookers, ovens and other equipment for cooking, dishwasher, dishes, music, television.

In the menu should include: salads, appetizers, entrees, hot meat dishes, side dishes, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and desserts.

Suppliers. Companies selling food products. They must offer a quality product at an affordable price and deliver it yourself customers.

financial part
Preliminary costs depend on the type of ownership of the property, the cost of repairs and quality equipment. It is also necessary to take into account: payroll, purchase products, advertising. Making all permits also will cost a certain amount of what we should not forget. Profitability directly characterized by the attendance and the size of the check. Payback 1.5-2 years. On the issue of accurate financial settlement is better to refer to specialists.

Business prospects
Opening of the summer cafe setting in the warm seasons and near places canopy placement underneath tables. To do this, place the documents on the opening of the summer cafe.

Be sure to analyze the level of competition: how many similar nearby cafe, what their strengths and weaknesses that need to have their clients began to come to your cafe, and how to keep their own visitors.

Summing up, I want to say that in fact a restaurant business plan, like any other company in the service sector, not so difficult, especially when using pre-made templates and deliverables. Oh, and do not forget that you can always turn to the experts!