Advertising agency business plan

Advertising agency business plan. Proposed business plan for advertising agency was designed a long time and nekotrye figures certainly outdated. However, the basic principles for developing and writing a business plan advertising agency have not changed.
All that you need to make up-to-date business plan advertising agency - it's just slightly to adapt it to the realities of your city and adjust the corresponding figures.

advertising agency business plan
Advertising agency "Ping Promotion Group" is created to provide its clients (customers) professional help in designing, organizing and conducting various promotions:

- Careful development and establishment of the proposed product or service.
- The original creative approach to advertising tasks of the Client.
- Planning of advertising campaigns that best suit the client's budget.
- Organization of press conferences, presentations and other events, "public relations".
- Making any advertising equipment for projects:
-Participation of highly qualified personnel at every stage of the advertising company.

The purpose of the project - to provide consumers with quality products and advertisers advertising, to show what should be a real advertisement.

As the legal status of an advertising agency selected Co.Ltd. This form is simple and easy to implement in its structure. In case of bankruptcy, as well as under the contracts, each founder is responsible in the amount of its contribution. The form of ownership of our limited liability has a private form. Careers - Director General and CEO.

For activities of the advertising agency is supposed to obtain a bank loan.
The magnitude of the breakeven point is 4.5 services, ie necessary to carry out promotions in 4.5 month after this venture will turn a profit.
Brings to your attention a advertising agency business plan contains tables and calculations of financial activity, costing services, marketing promotion strategy and staffing.