Business card printing

Business card printing. Business card performs a variety of representational functions. That is why the production of business cards must take into account many other factors. Business cards must comply with the high quality and their design should be modern.

Since the card is needed now every business person, the choice is yours. To date, there are several manufacturing technologies business card printing.

Digital printing - this is the fastest way to date printing. If you need urgent production of business cards, your choice - digital printing. Printing occurs directly from the computer to the digital machine, such as Xerox DC- 12 or Xerox DocuColor 5000, without the aid of additional equipment, and therefore carried out in a matter of seconds, and you can always advance to see how the future will look like your business card. If you do not like something, you can always quickly and without hassle to change the text or design. The main advantage of this technology is that only digital printing allows you to fully adjust the overall view of the business cards at any stage.

Efficiency - business card printing.
Print small runs a highly profitable by saving on expensive operations -(production of films, forms, etc.). Thus the cost of a print on a digital device does not depend on the circulation. Thanks to the digital method of printing business cards get inexpensive enough done by saving the intermediate stages of printing. Another advantage of digital printing is high quality, as digital equipment transmits all the colors are more vivid. But, like any type of printing, digital printing has its drawbacks. For large print runs of business cards price becomes quite high, there are restrictions on the types of paper that can be used for digital printing, and the quality is quite high, though, but still not ideal.

Using digital technology provides the ability to quickly change the text or images, print single copies, personalization, etc., depending on the individual wishes of the customer. Quality of modern digital cameras are not inferior to the quality of industrial printing products, and color accuracy on the benchmark color reproduction .