Business cards

Business card - traditional media contact information of the person or organization.Made of paper, cardboard or plastic, small size, there is also the option of CD- cards made ​​at reduced to 50 mm × 90 mm ​​surface of the CD. There are also business cards made ​​out of wood (wood veneer) and metal.
Includes business card holder's name, company (usually with a logo) and contact information (address, phone number and / or email address).
Business cards can be divided into types: personal (family), business and corporate.

Individual cards are mainly used in casual conversation with a friendly acquaintance. They are also popular among freelancers. In such a business card is usually indicated the name and telephone number of the owner. Title and address of this business card can be omitted. Business card printing can be performed in any style and developed in accordance with the individual preferences of the owner.
Corporate business card usually contains names and surnames. When printing, it contains information about the company, field of activity, the list of services, contact information, map, address of the Web page. Typically, corporate business card reflects corporate identity. Is promotional in nature and is mainly used for exhibitions, conferences and congresses.

Business card used in business at official meetings and negotiations, to provide contact information to their future customers. On business cards business necessarily indicate the name, position businessman, as well as the company name and view its activities. In accordance with international practice and rules of the Russian language should be given first name, and then - name. In the development of a small used corporate identity and logo. These cards usually have strict design.
Do civil servants and MPs on the business cards can be public image insignia such as the flag and coat of arms. Business business card without an address does not correspond to the norms of etiquette. Exceptions are diplomats and senior government officials. Business cards should contain the most readable fonts. Not recommended for use sophisticated decorative fonts (if not required by the profile of your business), italic, and bold face.

In a figurative sense, the term " business card of something" means a distinctive, very distinctive (and usually positive) sign, clearly indicating its owner, and, as a rule, which brought him fame or popularity.