Small business software

small business software. Example. Brokerage analyst uses memory and computing resources personal computer for tracking the prices of stocks and bonds. First, it builds using the computer graph of changes in prices for stocks and bonds over time. Second, it uses a computer to analyze the data and write a report, add to it the necessary schedules and check for errors. Finally, he uses the computer to send 250 copies of the report to clients, many of whom can not wait to receive information by mail. It sends text and graphics in the report that same evening, using a computer, modem, telephone, and a program that controls a computer in his otsutstvie3.

Entrepreneurs too much is at stake when they ignore the limitless possibilities of the computer. Nevertheless, as shown in Example 15.3, in 1988 only 40% of U.S. small businesses have used a computer.

Computers can help expedite the processing of invoices and bills, improve inventory control, generate income and expense, maintain payroll, accounting, make schedules work and perform typing. Example 15.4 presents some options for the application small business software, consider some of them in more detail.

Spreadsheet. This program helps to solve the problems associated with the processing of digital data. The program organizes digital data in rows and columns; sorts numbers, formulas and text, performs automatic calculations and saves the results for later use.

Spreadsheets are useful in forecasting and modeling, as one or two variables can be changed, and the computer recalculates all related values. For example, an entrepreneur can calculate cash budget, based on forecast sales value and costs. Then, if the entrepreneur had to change the sales data, the computer instantly recalculates the cash budget based on the new forecast. This kind of problem could hardly be so fast to be resolved before the advent of computers.

Editing texts. A text editor is the most popular package shelf software. The user types on the keyboard as a typewriter, but the program allows it to edit, correct, delete and rearrange the material before printing the final document. In addition, the computer will store the document for later use. Very often, using a text editor to create the standard business letter. When applying a high-quality printer each letter looks as if it was first published. In fact, each time only needs to enter a new name or address, or any other data.

Using the small business software share of small enterprises ( with less than 100 employees) using types of software shown in the example.

His mission - to work with sets of logically related data. Entered into the database, customer information can be grouped in various ways: by region of the country, the type of purchase, purchase volume, etc. For example, one author showed how the database management system can be used to facilitate the marketing program:

"Marketing using the database is nothing like working with a pack of cards shabby 3-by- 5 -inch, which uses good seller year after year to record personal data, information about purchases and other necessary information about their customers. Program manages data that had previously been on the cards, so you can review, who, when and why sometimes asks for purchase. However, unlike cards with records computer database allows us to look at the whole picture, not just the number of fragments. it complements the often incorrect assumptions real facts, shows a new trend that allows you to organize the production of new products, services and implement new marketing ideas."

Project Management. Project management software helps to plan, analyze, and monitor projects of varying complexity, such as the construction of the building or operation of a bakery. An entrepreneur can make a budget, organize and plan your schedule pricing strategy, collecting the necessary data and facts on which the project is based. Example. The bakery Beta used a microcomputer and project management software to plan production of bakery products and monitor sales volumes. After plotting the sales for the previous week a decision on the amount of each type of baking products on weekdays. Printout of the results shows how much is necessary to make the loaves as you need for this people and time. Chart shows, in particular, that the sales increase after the intervention to stimulate demand, but then drops sharply as demand for awhile satisfied. In this regard, Beth developed a new pricing strategy that lowers prices and makes a sale more ravnomernoy5. Graphical representation of data. This software, also known as computer graphics, you can create, edit, display, and print graphics. The user enters numeric data, and the computer immediately "draws" a kind of graphic image - a pie chart, curve ,histogram, or something like that. When you change the data, the computer immediately change a graphic. Desktop publishing. Use of this computer program allows you to perform traditional publishing functions: typing, editing, graphic design, choice of fonts, layout and printing. Desktop publishing system helps in the preparation of brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, reports, etc. Issue such publications on their own can save a lot of money entrepreneur .