Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Coprinopsis lagopus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinopsis lagopus
Cap 3-6 cm broad, obtuse-conic, expanding to nearly plane, umbonate, the margin recurved in age, often split or ragged from deliquescing gills; surface at first covered with erect, soft, white hairs (universal veil remnants), typically weathering away at maturity to reveal a striate, greyish-brown cuticle; flesh thin, pale grey.
Coprinopsis radiata - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinopsis radiata
Immature cap parabaloid to ellipsoid, 3-10 (15) mm tall, 2-8 (10) mm broad, expanding to broadly-conic, 5-15 (20) mm broad; margin at first incurved, soon level, eventually revolute and torn; surface radially-striate, dark-grey, sometimes ochre-tan at the disc, covered in youth by a veil of white, deciduous hairs; context thin, watery grey, deliquescent; odor not distinctive, taste untried.
Coprinopsis stercorea - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinopsis stercorea
Cap 4.0-10.0 mm broad at maturity, at first ellipsoid to ovoid, then obtuse-conic, expanding to plane, the margin becoming recurved and torn; surface white to pale-grey, striate-plicate to near the disc, mealy-granulose, hairy toward the margin, in age the hairs inconspicuous; context thin, membranous, weakly deliquescent; odor unpleasant; taste untried.
Coprinus auricomus: Parasola auricoma - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinus auricomus: Parasola auricoma
Cap 1.5-4.0 cm broad at maturity, at first ellipsoid to obtuse-cylindrical, expanding to nearly plane, the disc sometimes slightly depressed; margin incurved in youth, finely striate, becoming decurved to plane; surface of disc glabrous, lubricous when moist, with expansion the remaining cap plicate-ribbed and minutely hairy (use hand lens); disc reddish-brown to dull orange-brown, greyish-buff towards the margin; context thin, <1.0 mm, colored like the cap, unchanging; odor and taste not distinctive.
Coprinus calyptratus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinus calyptratus
Cap at first globose to hemispheric, expanding to nearly plane, 4.0-7.0 (9.0) cm broad at maturity; margin incurved, then decurved, plicate-striate, soon lacerate, in age either recurved or deflexed; cap disc covered by a felty, pallid to buff-brown, stellate universal veil patch, often encrusted with sand or debris; cuticle pallid, thin, torn by expansion into radially arranged whisp-like fibrils; context membranous, blackish, plicate; odor pleasant, of mushrooms; taste untried.
Coprinus comatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinus comatus
Cap 5-14 cm tall, 2.5-4.5 cm broad, columnar, becoming bell-shaped; surface dry, white with a brown central disc, breaking up into coarse, white and brown, recurved scales; flesh thin, white, and soft; odor and taste mild.
Coprinus sterquilinus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coprinus sterquilinus
Unexpanded cap cylindrical-elliptical, 3.0-6.0 cm tall x 2.0-2.5 cm broad, broadly obtuse-conic in age, final diameter up to 7.0 cm; margin at first tight to the stipe, blunt, striate, then decurved, at maturity often radially torn, recurved or collapsing towards the stipe; surface more or less glabrous at the disc, pale-tan, elsewhere whitish, striate-plicate, fibrillose to squamulose, the scales recurved with tan-brown tips, eventually blackening from the margin; context white, 3 mm at the disc, less than 1 mm, towards margin, deliquescing; odor not distinctive; taste, mild.
Coriolus versicolor: Trametes versicolor - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Coriolus versicolor: Trametes versicolor
Fruiting body up to 10 cm broad, bracket to shelf-like or fan-shaped, attached along one side or just near the middle of one side, the upper surface tomentose, with multicolored zones. Flesh thin, usually less than 2 mm thick, white, tough, and fibrous. The underside a white to pale yellow layer of very small tubes, vertically oriented with 3-5 pores per mm, the tube mouths more or less round.
Cortinarius magnivelatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarius magnivelatus
Cap 4.0-8.0 cm broad, convex, broadly so in age; margin incurved, then decurved, frequently wavy; surface whitish to cream, dry, sparsely covered with appressed, brownish fibrils, bruising brownish and sometimes yellowish; context up to 2.0 cm, firm, white to buff, unchanging or slowly to tan-brown; odor and taste mild.
Cortinarius ponderosus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarius ponderosus
California Fungi—Cortinarius ponderosus
Cortinarius rubicundulus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarius rubicundulus
Cap 3.5-8.0 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane; margin even to wavy, incurved when young, decurved in age; surface cream to buff-tan, overlaid with appressed fibrils which become yellowish-orange to orange-red with handling or age; context firm, cream-buff, up to 1.0 cm thick at the disc, yellowing slowly and erratically when cut; odor faint, somewhat pungent like that of raw potatoes; taste slightly unpleasant.
Cortinarius vanduzerensis - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarius vanduzerensis
Cap 3.5-7.0 cm broad, obtuse-conic, becoming convex-umbonate to plane with a raised disc; margin at first incurved, appressed to the stipe, eventually decurved; surface when young, glabrous, slimy to glutinous in moist weather, dark-brown at the disc, the margin lighter, translucent-striate; in age cap fading to dull tan-brown, the margin then conspicuously wrinkled halfway to the disc; context up to 7.0 mm thick at the disc, thin elsewhere, whitish, firm, darkening slowly to buff-brown when cut; odor and taste mild.
Cortinarius verrucisporus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarius verrucisporus
Cap up to 3.0-7.0 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex; margin incurved, then decurved, often wavy; surface at first pallid to pale-buff with innate to appressed fibrils, these becoming yellowish to tawny in age, the disc then often dingy reddish-brown; context firm, cream-buff, unchanging, up to 1.0 cm at the disc; odor and taste mild.
Cortinarus caperatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cortinarus caperatus
Common Name: The Gypsy
Cramp Balls: Annulohypoxylon thouarsianum - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cramp Balls: Annulohypoxylon thouarsianum
Fruit body annual, sessile, 1.0-5.0 cm broad, up to 3.0 cm in height, compressed-globose to hemispheric, occasionally lobed; surface dark-brown to black, carbonaceous, dull or varnished, densely pimpled with perithecia, the tips encircled by a flat, sometimes sunken disc; context fibrous-woody, radially lined to faintly concentrically-zoned grey and brown, sometimes appearing silky-lustrous; odor and taste not investigated.
Craterellus tubaeformis - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Craterellus tubaeformis
Cap 2-4 cm broad, at first convex, then depressed, sometimes hollow in the center, trumpet-shaped; margin incurved, wavy; surface dry, brown to yellowish-brown, with fine dark scales; flesh thin, yellowish-brown; odor and taste mild.
Crepidotus crocophyllus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Crepidotus crocophyllus
California Fungi—Crepidotus crocophyllus
Crepidotus fimbriatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Crepidotus fimbriatus
Cap 1.0-3.0 cm broad, at first cupulate, becoming kidney to shell-shaped; margin incurved, fringed with a cottony tomentum; surface covered with appressed white fibrils over an ochre-brown background, the attachment point sheathed in cottony-villose fibrils; context thin; odor and taste mild.
Crepidotus mollis - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Crepidotus mollis
Fruiting body 1.0-5.0 cm broad, bean to shell-shaped, laterally attached to the substrate and sessile; cuticle gelatinous when moist, surface pallid to cream, typically covered with fibrillose-brown scales, the latter sometimes weathering away in age; flesh thin, white, quickly bruising buff; veil absent; odor and taste mild.
Crinipellis piceae - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Crinipellis piceae
California Fungi—Crinipellis piceae
Cryptoporus volvatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cryptoporus volvatus
Fruiting body annual, persistent, sessile, globose to cushion-shaped, occasionally lobed, 1.5-6.5 cm broad, 1-2.5 cm thick; surface smooth, shiny, chestnut-brown to ochraceous-brown, occasionally tinged pinkish at the attachment point, in age unpolished, fading to buff-brown; margin broad, rounded, continuing as a tough, buff-brown to whitish, veil-like membrane over the spore-bearing surface; flesh white, thick, pliant at first, tough in age; tubes 3-5 mm long, pallid becoming buff-brown; pores 3-4/mm.
Cudoniella clavus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cudoniella clavus
Fruiting body a stipitate ascocarp; apothecia 3.0-6.0 (10.0) mm broad, at first obtuse-conic to turbinate, in age convex to nearly plane; margin lacking hairs, plane to decurved at maturity; hymenium glabrous, moist, cream to dull-brown, slightly darker at the center; outer surface glabrous, colored like the hymenium; stipe 1.0-2.0 cm long, 1.0 mm thick, enlarged towards the apex, watery-white, becoming dark-brown to blackish towards the base; surface slightly tomentose (use hand lens); odor and taste not distinctive.
Cystoderma fallax - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Cystoderma fallax
Cap 1.5-4.0 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex, sometimes with a low umbo; margin at first slightly inrolled and fused to a sheathing stipe, then decurved, occasionally appendiculate, finally nearly plane; surface covered with superficial granules or small erect scales, most of which weather away in age leaving only a scattering of powdery granules; color: rusty-brown to yellow-brown; flesh thin except at the disc, colored like the cap; odor and taste mild.
Dacrymyces capitatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dacrymyces capitatus
Fruiting body 0.5-1.5 (2) mm broad, compressed-globose to cushion-shaped, rounded in outline except when deformed from mutual pressure; sessile to substipitate, if the latter, then peg-shaped to turbinate in profile, anchored by thin, translucent-white, root-like projections; surface convex, occasionally with shallow folds, glabrous to minutely pruinose, yellow-orange, becoming yellowish-brown, drying dingy orange-brown; context gelatinous, yellowish, reviving after drying; odor and taste not distinctive.
Dacrymyces palmatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dacrymyces palmatus
Fruiting body sessile to substipitate, at first subglobose, to cushion-shaped, soon deeply wrinkled to cerebriform; substipitate forms initially short-cylindrical to turbinate, becoming lobed to deeply convoluted, sometimes laterally compressed from adjacent fruiting bodies and appearing fan-shaped; at maturity up to 5 cm broad, 2 cm tall, abruptly narrowed and pallid at the attachment point; surface viscid, glabrous, roughened with a hand-lens, yellow-orange, drying reddish-orange to reddish-brown, forming a tough, membranous film on the substrate; context gelatinous, colored like the cap, tending to liquify with age; odor and taste not distinctive.
Dacrymyces stillatus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dacrymyces stillatus
Fruit body 1-3.5 mm broad, sometimes appearing larger when fused with adjacent sporocarps; cushion shaped, slightly flattened, the surface knobby, but not truly lobed; context gelatinous; color variable: dull orange when fresh, in age somewhat translucent, pale dull-brown, grey-brown, olive-brown, retaining only a slight orange hue; fresh material drying rusty-brown, forming an inconspicuous crust on the substrate, capable of reviving with moisture; odor and taste mild.
Dasyscyphus bicolor - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dasyscyphus bicolor
California Fungi—Dasyscyphus bicolor
Dead Man's Foot: Pisolithus tinctorius - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dead Man's Foot: Pisolithus tinctorius
Sporocarp 5-20 cm tall, 4-10 cm wide, rounded to lobed, becoming club-shaped, with a sterile, yellowish-brown, fibrous, deeply rooted base; peridium thin, smooth, often shiny, yellowish-brown, dark-brown to purple brown; gleba, of tiny, pebble-sized, white to yellowish-brown, sometimes reddish-brown peridioles (spore sacs) developing in a black gelatinous matrix; at maturity the peridium crumbling apically revealing a mass of cinnamon-brown spores; odor pleasant, of mushrooms.
Death Cap: Amanita phalloides - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Death Cap: Amanita phalloides
Cap 3.5-15 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, at maturity the disc sometimes slightly raised or depressed; margin entire, seldom striate, or if so, obscurely so; surface subviscid when moist, smooth, occasionally with a faint, appressed, white universal veil patch; color: olive, olive-brown, to yellowish-brown, rarely white, typically with innate, darker streaks, the margin paler, fading overall to dull tan in age; flesh soft, white, moderately thick at the disc, unchanging, at times yellowish-brown just below the cuticle; odor slightly pungent; taste mild.
Deer Mushroom: Pluteus cervinus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Deer Mushroom: Pluteus cervinus
Cap 5-13 cm broad, convex, nearly plane in age, umbonate; dark brown to grey-brown, lighter in age; smooth to faintly fibrillose, moist; flesh soft, white; odor of radish.
Dendrocollybia racemosa - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dendrocollybia racemosa
Cap 0.7-1.5 cm in diameter, broadly conic, becoming convex, eventually plano-convex, the disc slightly umbonate; (in some specimens the cap may be greatly reduced or absent); margin decurved, becoming plane to raised, entire, eroded or wavy; surface dull brown, glabrous at the disc, elsewhere appressed silky-fibrillose, grey-brown, paler towards the margin, sometimes faintly zonate; context thin, less than 1.0 mm thick, grey; odor, not distinctive; taste mild.
Dentinum repandum: Hydnum repandum - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dentinum repandum: Hydnum repandum
Cap 2-12 cm broad, convex, becoming nearly plane, disc sometimes depressed; margin inrolled at first, lobed to undulate; surface dry, smooth to slightly scaly, cream to buff-orange, bruising to orange-brown; flesh thick, pale-buff, brittle, bruising buff-orange; odor and taste mild.
Dentinum umbilicatum: Hydnum umbilicatum - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Dentinum umbilicatum: Hydnum umbilicatum
Cap 2.5-5 cm broad, convex, becoming, broadly convex, the disc noticeably indented or umbilicate; margin at first incurved, then decurved, sometimes wavy; surface dry, smooth, occasionally roughened or with appressed squamules, cream-buff to tawny, darker in age; flesh cream-buff, moderately thick, bruising slowly dull-orange; odor and taste mild.
Descomyces albellus - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Descomyces albellus
Synonym: Hymenogaster albellus Massee & Rodway
Discina perlata - Fungi Species | sokos jishebi | სოკოს ჯიშები Discina perlata
Fruiting body sessile to short-stipitate, 1.5-9.0 cm broad, at first shallow-cupulate, in age centrally depressed, arched towards the margin, the latter conspicuously wavy; hymenial surface wrinkled to deeply furrowed, yellowish-brown to reddish-brown; exterior surface minutely hairy, whitish when fresh, drying pinkish-brown, wrinkled and furrowed like the hymenial surface; context firm, brittle, white, unchanging, up to 3.0 mm thick; odor not distinctive; taste mild.
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