Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Fairy Fingers: Clavaria vermicularis - fungi species list A Z Fairy Fingers: Clavaria vermicularis
Fruiting body 3-9 cm tall, 2-4 mm thick, simple, branches rounded to flattened in cross-section, often curved, tapering to a blunt or pointed tip; surface smooth, white, becoming yellowish in age especially at the tips; flesh white, fragile.
Fairy Ring Mushroom: Marasmius oreades - fungi species list A Z Fairy Ring Mushroom: Marasmius oreades
Cap 1.5-4.0 cm broad, rounded, becoming campanulate (bell- shaped), finally convex to nearly plane, typically with a broad umbo; margin striate when moist, sometimes upturned in age; surface dry, smooth, light cinnamon-brown to buff-brown when young, fading in age to pale-buff or cream; flesh thick, reviving after being dried; odor and taste mild.
False Chanterelle: Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca - fungi species list A Z False Chanterelle: Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca
Cap 2.5-7 cm broad, convex, at maturity nearly plane, the disc often depressed; margin incurved, becoming decurved; surface dry, finely tomentose, color variable: orange, yellow-orange, orange brown, darkest at the disc, sometimes arranged in faint concentric bands, fading in age; flesh thin, pallid to pale orange.
False Morel: Gyromitra esculenta - fungi species list A Z False Morel: Gyromitra esculenta
Cap 5-9 cm tall, 5-11 cm broad, semi-globose, brain-like, inconspicuously lobed; fertile surface convoluted to wrinkled, lobes separated by deep furrows; color: tan-brown, ochraceous-brown, deep reddish-brown; sterile undersurface of cap cream to buff-colored; margin attached to stipe at several points; context thin, brittle; odor and taste not distinctive.
False Turkey Tail: Stereum hirsutum - fungi species list A Z False Turkey Tail: Stereum hirsutum
Fruiting body annual or short-live perennial, resupinate when young, forming thin, leathery overlapping shelves at maturity, 1-3.5 cm wide and up to 8 cm long when fused with adjacent shelves; upper surface hairy, undulate, lobed, banded orange-brown to yellow-brown, older tissue grey to greyish-brown; lower fertile surface smooth, orange-buff to pale-buff, if zoned, less conspicuously than the upper surface; flesh 0.5-1.0 mm thick, pliant when young, tough in age; stalk absent.
Fistulina hepatica - fungi species list A Z Fistulina hepatica
California Fungi—Fistulina hepatica
Flammulina velutipes - fungi species list A Z Flammulina velutipes
Cap 1-3 cm broad, convex, plano-convex in age; surface smooth, sticky when moist, disc reddish-brown to yellow-brown shading to a cream-colored margin, in age sometimes entirely dark, tawny-brown; flesh soft, white, thin; odor and taste mild.
Floccularia albolanaripes - fungi species list A Z Floccularia albolanaripes
Cap 3-15 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, sometimes with a low umbo; margin incurved becoming decurved at maturity, young sporocarps often appendiculate from veil fragments; surface sticky when moist, appressed fibrillose to squamulose, brownish at the disc shading to a yellowish margin; context thick, white, except a thin yellowish zone below the cuticle, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Fly Agaric: Amanita muscaria - fungi species list A Z Fly Agaric: Amanita muscaria
Cap 6-39 cm broad, rounded at first, then plane in age, surface viscid when moist; margin striate often with adhering partial veil fragments when young; cap red, usually with white warts but in one variety, yellow warts.
Fomitopsis cajanderi - fungi species list A Z Fomitopsis cajanderi
Fruiting body annual or short-lived perennial, sessile, 4-10 cm broad, 1.5-2 cm thick, resupinate, forming a fan-shaped, slightly convex, thin bracket, several often sharing a common base; margin entire, undulate or lobed, the latter often the result of emerging new growth; surface at first matted-hairy, becoming smooth, bumpy or warted, sometimes concentrically furrowed, mahogany-brown to dark-brown, usually pinkish at the margin when fresh, nearly black towards the base; flesh thin, pliant, dingy pink when fresh, woody, and dingy pinkish-brown in age, blackening in KOH; odor and taste mild.
Fomitopsis pinicola - fungi species list A Z Fomitopsis pinicola
Fruiting body perennial; initially knob-like, forming a hard, rounded bracket or hoof-shaped, sessile sporocarp, 5-25 cm broad, 2.5-15 cm thick; upper surface at first yellowish-brown to orange-brown, varnished, in age dull, dark-brown to blackish-brown, concentrically grooved, the margin banded reddish to orange-brown, with a blunt, white edge; lower surface minutely pored, white, bruising pale yellow to buff; flesh woody, yellowish-brown over multiple layers of tubes; pores of fresh specimens frequently exuding droplets of clear liquid.
Fried Chicken Mushroom: Lyophyllum decastes - fungi species list A Z Fried Chicken Mushroom: Lyophyllum decastes
Cap 4-14 cm broad, convex, becoming plane; margin incurved when young, lobed to irregular, sometimes upturned in age; surface smooth, grey to grey-brown, moist to lubricous; flesh thin, white, odor mild.

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