Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Ramaria abietina - fungi species list A Z Ramaria abietina
Fruiting body 2-5 cm tall, rounded to fan-shaped; branches thin, yellow-brown to olive-brown, darker in age, irregularly divided, the tips relatively short; branches sometimes bruising bluish-green or developing greenish tones in age; flesh tough; taste bitter.
Ramaria acrisiccescens  - fungi species list A Z Ramaria acrisiccescens
California Fungi—Ramaria acrisiccescens
Ramaria araiospora - fungi species list A Z Ramaria araiospora
California Fungi—Ramaria araiospora
Ramaria botrytis - fungi species list A Z Ramaria botrytis
Fruiting body 8-22 cm tall, 10-25 cm broad, coralloid, intricately branched from a large fleshy base; branches spreading and elongating in age, white to creamy-white when young, yellowish white in age; branch tips vinaceous- red when young, fading in age to pallid buff, with only the immature lower branch tips showing the vinaceous tones; flesh white, brittle; odor and taste mild.
Ramaria conjunctipes var. tsugensis  - fungi species list A Z Ramaria conjunctipes var. tsugensis
California Fungi—Ramaria conjunctipes var. tsugensis
Ramaria flavigelatinosa - fungi species list A Z Ramaria flavigelatinosa
California Fungi—Ramaria flavigelatinosa
Ramaria formosa - fungi species list A Z Ramaria formosa
Ramaria gelatiniaurantia - fungi species list A Z Ramaria gelatiniaurantia
California Fungi—Ramaria gelatiniaurantia
Ramaria myceliosa - fungi species list A Z Ramaria myceliosa
Fruiting body short, 2.5-3.0 cm tall, tufted, astipitate, consisting of fascicled branches, weakly fused at the base, arising from rhizomorphs and a mycelial bed; branches cream-yellow in youth, becoming buff to pale-tan, sometimes honey-colored, maturing ochre-brown; apices pointed, often several to a branch tip, colored like the branches or lighter, later brown with exposure; main branches 2-3 mm in diameter, slightly compressed, pliant; odor mild, taste slightly bitter
Ramaria rasilispora var. scatesiana - fungi species list A Z Ramaria rasilispora var. scatesiana
Fruiting body 7.0-15.0 cm tall, 7.0-14.0 cm broad, arising from a robust stipe, comprising one-third to one-half the total height; branching pattern compact, the tips very short; surface of branches glabrous, whitish, the tips cream-yellow, in age and with drying, becoming cream-buff overall; context fleshy-fibrous; odor and taste mild.
Ramaria rubricarnata var. verna - fungi species list A Z Ramaria rubricarnata var. verna
California Fungi—Ramaria rubricarnata var. verna
Ramaria sandaracina var. chondrobasis - fungi species list A Z Ramaria sandaracina var. chondrobasis
California Fungi—Ramaria sandaracina
Ramaria stricta - fungi species list A Z Ramaria stricta
Ramaria violaceibrunnea - fungi species list A Z Ramaria violaceibrunnea
California Fungi—Ramaria violaceibrunnea
Ramariopsis kunzei - fungi species list A Z Ramariopsis kunzei
Fruiting body, shrubby, up to 8.0 cm tall, 7.0 cm broad, consisting of multiple, often twisted branches, either separate or partially fused at the base; branches slightly flattened, forked dichotomously three to four times, the forks typically u-shaped, tips rounded to pointed; surface of branches glabrous above, pubescent below, whitish to cream-buff, sometimes tinged pinkish in age; context brittle, fragile, whitish, unchanging when cut; odor mild; taste mild.
Rhizopogon ochraceorubens - fungi species list A Z Rhizopogon ochraceorubens
Fruiting body at first hypogeous, then partially erumpent to epigeous; 1.5-6.5 cm broad, irregularly shaped, but usually oval to pulvinate in outline, frequently with bumps or shallow folds; peridium matted-fibrillose, pale yellow to ochraceous, covered by a network of darker rhizomorphs, i.e. yellowish-buff to yellow-brown, in age or when handled, reddish-brown; peridum reddening in KOH; spore-bearing tissue finely textured, firm, pale grey, becoming dingy-olivaceous to ochraceous-brown; at maturity, spongy, sometimes partially liquifying; odor when fresh, of "mushrooms," fruity, suggestive of Suillus pungens, in age, of dirty sweat socks; taste mild; columella absent.
Rhodocollybia badiialba - fungi species list A Z Rhodocollybia badiialba
Cap 3-6 cm broad, convex, sometimes with a low umbo expanding to nearly plane at maturity, the disc then sometimes slightly depressed; margin entire to wavy, decurved, becoming more or less plane to slightly upturned; surface glabrous, lubricous, dark reddish-brown, the margin pallid, fading overall in age; odor and taste mild.
Rhodocollybia butyracea - fungi species list A Z Rhodocollybia butyracea
Cap 2.5-6.5 cm broad, convex, becoming broadly convex to nearly plane with a low umbo; margin incurved when young, sometimes upturned at maturity; surface smooth, lubricous, reddish-brown, tawny brown to greyish-brown, darkest at the disk, lighter in age; flesh white, thin, soft, unchanging; odor, fungal; taste mild.
Rhodocollybia maculata - fungi species list A Z Rhodocollybia maculata
Cap 4.0-8.0 (10) cm broad, obtuse-conic to convex, eventually plano-convex; margin incurved, then decurved, sometimes upturned and wavy in age; surface moist, not viscid, glabrous to minutely tomentose, cream-colored, becoming pinkish-tan, tawny-brown to rusty-brown toward the disc, often spotted these colors at maturity; context soft, white, unchanging, up to 1.0 cm thick at the disc; odor mild, fungal; taste slightly bitter.
Rickenella fibula - fungi species list A Z Rickenella fibula
Cap 3.0-11.0 mm broad, convex-depressed, becoming umbilicate to infundibuliform in age; margin incurved, decurved at maturity. surface faintly pruinose when young (use hand-lens), soon glabrous, translucent-striate, sometimes appearing ribbed, dull orange-brown to tawny-brown, hygrophanous, fading to buff or tan; context thin, colored like the cap; odor and taste mild.
Rickenella swartzii - fungi species list A Z Rickenella swartzii
Cap 4-12 mm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, sometimes centrally depressed to infundibuliform; margin decurved, then level, occasionally wavy; surface moist, not viscid, pellucid-striate, pruinose when young (use hand lens), dark brown at the disc, pale-tan towards the margin; context thin, < 1 mm, watery light-brown, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Rimbachia bryophila - fungi species list A Z Rimbachia bryophila
Cap 5.0-10.0 mm long by 5.0-7.0 mm wide, pendulous cupulate, then pleurotoid to broadly fan-shaped; margin incurved, decurved in age, sometimes wavy; surface whitish, sparsely pubescent near the base, elsewhere glabrous or matted-fibrillose when dry; context very thin, less than 1 mm, watery-white; odor and taste mild.
Russula abietina - fungi species list A Z Russula abietina
California Fungi—Russula abietina
Russula amoenolens - fungi species list A Z Russula amoenolens
Cap 4-11 cm broad, globose, becoming convex, finally plano-convex with a depressed center; margin fragile, entire to eroded, with warted striations; surface viscid when moist, smooth, yellow-brown to light brown, the disc darker; flesh thin, white, brittle; odor mild when young, unpleasant at maturity, like burnt rubber/plastic; taste, latently peppery.
Russula atroviolacea - fungi species list A Z Russula atroviolacea
California Fungi—Russula atroviolacea
Russula basifurcata - fungi species list A Z Russula basifurcata
Cap 4-7 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, the disc frequently slightly depressed; margin decurved, inconspicuously striate or not all, plane to occasionally upturned in age; surface smooth, sticky when moist, otherwise dry, white to cream-colored with pinkish tinges, or when young, the colors sometimes reversed, pink tones masking a cream background; flesh white, firm, thin at the margin, moderately thick at the disc, unchanging when injured; odor and taste mild.
Russula aeruginea  - fungi species list A Z Russula aeruginea
California Fungi—Russula aeruginea
Russula brevipes - fungi species list A Z Russula brevipes
Cap (4)6-12(20) cm broad, broadly convex with depressed center to nearly infundibuliform at maturity; surface smooth, dry, subviscid to viscid when wet, white, sometimes yellowish to brownish in age; margin plane to decurved; flesh thick, solid, crisp, brittle, white, becoming yellowish in age; odor mild, taste slowly acrid.
Russula cyanoxantha - fungi species list A Z Russula cyanoxantha
California Fungi—Russula cyanoxantha
Russula densifolia - fungi species list A Z Russula densifolia
Cap 7-13 cm broad, convex when young, later plano-convex to plano-concave, often wavy in outline; margin at first incurved, then decurved, plane to raised in age, not striate; surface glabrous, subvisicd when moist, frequently with adhering debris; color dingy-cream, at maturity tinged greyish-brown; context pallid, firm, brittle, granular in texture, 2-3 cm thick, slowly vinaceous when injured, becoming grey-brown to nearly black; odor mild; taste mild to acrid.
Russula dissimulans - fungi species list A Z Russula dissimulans
California Fungi—Russula dissimulans
Russula eccentrica - fungi species list A Z Russula eccentrica
Cap 7-12 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, in age sometimes plano-concave; margin at first incurved, then decurved, often wavy, seldom striate, occasionally raised in old specimens; surface subviscid when moist, otherwise dry, glabrous, color when young, whitish to dingy-cream with vinaceous tints, in age overlaid with brown to grey-brown pigments, vinaceous tones usually still evident; context white, firm, 1-2 cm thick, slowly and erratically changing to pale vinaceous-buff (most consistently just below the cuticle), eventually grey-brown, not turning black; odor at first mild, unpleasant at maturity; taste mild.
Russula laurocerasi - fungi species list A Z Russula laurocerasi
California Fungi—Russula laurocerasi
Russula murrillii - fungi species list A Z Russula murrillii
California Fungi—Russula murrillii
Russula mustelina - fungi species list A Z Russula mustelina
California Fungi—Russula mustelina
Russula olivacea - fungi species list A Z Russula olivacea
Cap 8.0-16.0 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex or plano-depressed; margin decurved, then straight, not striate; surface glabrous, dry, dull-olive at the disc, lighter at the margin, background color cream, sometimes showing through the primary olive pigment; in age, cap often developing reddish, brownish or purplish areas, occasionally entirely reddish; context white, firm, unchanging, 1.0 cm thick at the disc; odor not distinctive; taste mild.
Russula sanguinea - fungi species list A Z Russula sanguinea
Cap 4-10 cm broad, convex to plano-convex, becoming plane with a depressed disc; margin in age slightly striate and sometimes upturned; surface smooth, viscid, bright red to dark red, fading to pink or lavender-pink, sometimes with white or yellow blotches; flesh white, unchanging when exposed, brittle; odor mild, taste acrid.
Russula silvicola - fungi species list A Z Russula silvicola
Cap 4-9 (13) cm broad, convex to plano-convex, maturing to plano-convex to plane to depressed on the disc; surface smooth, subviscid to viscid; color dark rose red to bright red to rose pink, fading to pink or rose pink, often with yellowish blotches; flesh white, unchanging in color when exposed, brittle; odor mild, taste very acrid.
Russula xerampelina - fungi species list A Z Russula xerampelina
California Fungi—Russula xerampelina

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