Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Galerina autumnalis - fungi species list A Z Galerina autumnalis
Cap 2-6 cm broad, convex to plano-convex; surface smooth, viscid, yellowish-brown to orange-brown; margin translucent striate; flesh very thin.
Galeropsis polytrichoides - fungi species list A Z Galeropsis polytrichoides
Cap ellipsoid, to obtuse-conic, 0.5-1.5 cm tall, 0.3-0.7 cm broad at the margin, the latter typically pinched to the stipe, not expanding with age, decorated with pallid fibrils up to 1.0 cm long; surface lubricous when moist, obscurely striate, medium-brown when fresh, gradually fading from the disc, the margin usually darker in age; context thin, buff-colored, <1.0 mm; odor and taste untested.
Ganoderma applanatum - fungi species list A Z Ganoderma applanatum
Fruiting body perennial,woody, typically sessile, 6-60 cm broad, 5-10 cm thick, fan-shaped to slightly convex, rarely hoof-like, usually solitary; margin rounded early, becoming narrowed at maturity; surface a hard crust, dull grey, grey-brown to brown, irregular, often furrowed, nodulose and zonate, frequently dusted with brown spores. Flesh up to 6.0 cm thick, brown, tough, corky, blackening in KOH.
Ganoderma brownii  - fungi species list A Z Ganoderma brownii
California Fungi—Ganoderma brownii
Ganoderma oregonense  - fungi species list A Z Ganoderma oregonense
California Fungi—Ganoderma oregonense
Garlic mushroom: Marasmius copelandii - fungi species list A Z Garlic mushroom: Marasmius copelandii
Cap 0.5-2.0 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane at maturity, sometimes slightly umbonate; margin decurved, striate-wrinkled up to two-thirds the distance to the disc; surface more or less glabrous, brown, shading to pale-tan at the margin, in age more uniformly brown, occasionally fading to nearly white; context less than 1 mm thick, colored like the cap; odor of garlic, taste: pungent.
Gastroboletus amyloideus - fungi species list A Z Gastroboletus amyloideus
California Fungi—Gastroboletus amyloideus
Gastroboletus subalpinus - fungi species list A Z Gastroboletus subalpinus
California Fungi—Gastroboletus subalpinus
Gastroboletus turbinatus - fungi species list A Z Gastroboletus turbinatus
Scattered to gregarious under conifers in the montaine regions of the state. Also rarely under live oaks in coastal California.
Gautieria monticola - fungi species list A Z Gautieria monticola
California Fungi—Gautieria monticola
Gautieria pterosperma  - fungi species list A Z Gautieria pterosperma
California Fungi—Gautieria pterosperma
Geastrum coronatum - fungi species list A Z Geastrum coronatum
Synonym: Geastrum limbatum Fries
Geastrum floriforme - fungi species list A Z Geastrum floriforme
Fruiting body subglobose, 10-20 mm broad before splitting, outer mycelial layer initially binding debris, soon lost, thus appearing debris free; expanded fruiting body 1.5-3.5 (4.0) cm broad; exoperidium splitting to form 5-10 rays, upper surface of rays various shades of brown, more or less glabrous, strongly hygroscopic, i.e. curled over the spore sac in dry weather, lying flat to slightly revolute when moist; endoperidial body or spore sac sessile, 6-15 mm, the surface grey-brown in youth, furfuraceous, fading to nearly white in senescent specimens; peristome indistinct i.e. usually the same color as the spore sac, the opening slightly elevated with a fibrillose margin.
Geastrum fornicatum - fungi species list A Z Geastrum fornicatum
Common Name: arched earthstar
Geastrum saccatum - fungi species list A Z Geastrum saccatum
Common Name: Earthstar
Geoglossum fallax - fungi species list A Z Geoglossum fallax
Fruiting body club-shaped, 2-7 cm tall, fertile "head," 2-6 mm thick, flattened, sometimes grooved, brown to dark-brown, rarely black, minutely hairy from projecting asci (not setae); stipe round, 1-2 mm thick, solid at the base, often hollow near the apex, colored like the "head," roughened or with scattered small scales.
Geopora cooperi - fungi species list A Z Geopora cooperi
Fruiting body 1.0-6.0 (10) cm broad, hypogeous, occasionally partially emergent, globose to somewhat pulvinate; surface convoluted to cerebreform, tan-brown to dark-brown, often finely warted, covered with coarse, mostly repent hairs (use hand-lens), the latter sometimes proliferating into the substrate; internal tissue labyrinthoid from infolding of the external surface, hymenial tissue whitish and pale-brown; odor faintly aromatic; taste mild.
Geopyxis carbonaria - fungi species list A Z Geopyxis carbonaria
Fruiting body urn to goblet shaped; apothecia 0.5-1.5 cm broad, deeply cupulate, not expanding; margin pallid, crenate, incurved to upturned; fertile surface dull orange-brown to reddish-brown, glabrous; external surface glabrous, dull-brown, fading to pale-buff; stipe 0.3-1.0 cm long, 1.0-2.0 mm thick, straight to curved, the surface dull-brown covered with a white tomentum.
Glomus macrocarpus - fungi species list A Z Glomus macrocarpus
Sporocarps small, up to 12mm broad, globose, subglobose, elongate, to irregular, often with embedded soil. Peridium, when present, white and cottony. Sporocarps often show young and mature spores at surface .
Gomphidius glutinosus - fungi species list A Z Gomphidius glutinosus
Cap 4-9 cm broad, convex when young with an inrolled margin, expanding to plano-convex, the margin then decurved to upturned; surface glabrous, slimy, often streaked dark purple-grey to purple-brown, paler towards the margin, in age often developing blackish spots; context thick, white, soft, unchanging, tinged pale-pinkish-brown directly below the cuticle; odor and taste mild.
Gomphidius oregonensis - fungi species list A Z Gomphidius oregonensis
Cap 3-12 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, the disc sometimes depressed at maturity; margin incurved, then plane to uplifted; surface viscid to glutinous when wet, glabrous, color variable: when young, lilac-grey, pinkish-tan, salmon-buff, buff-brown, darkening in age and often developing blackish spots; context thick, soft, whitish, unchanging or darkening slightly when cut; odor and taste mild.
Gomphidius subroseus - fungi species list A Z Gomphidius subroseus
Cap 3-6 cm broad, convex, becoming broadly convex to plane, sometimes depressed at the disc; margin at first inrolled to incurved, then decurved, plane to occasionally uplifted in age; surface viscid when moist, smooth, rose-red to pale pink, lighter at the margin; flesh thick, white, firm, unchanging or slowly darkening when cut; odor and taste mild.
Gomphus clavatus - fungi species list A Z Gomphus clavatus
Caps up to 10 cm broad, at first clavate, the apex truncate, expanding to form a vase-shape fuiting body, one side typically showing greater developement than the other; margin undulate to lobed, upturned in age; surface moist, soon dry, smooth to finely squamulose, especially near the disk, the latter often depressed; lavender-purple to purple-brown when young, fading to buff-brown in age, the margin sometimes retaining lilac tones; flesh thick, white to pale buff; odor and taste mild, of mushrooms.
Gomphus floccosus: Turbinellus floccosus - fungi species list A Z Gomphus floccosus: Turbinellus floccosus
Cap cylindrical, becoming vase-shaped or funnelform, up to 15 cm broad, the margin plane to strongly uplifted; surface moist, nearly smooth when young, squamulose to coarsely scaly at maturity, especially at the center, the scales sometimes flat and inconspicuous when weathered; color yellowish-orange to reddish-orange fading in age; flesh moderately thick, white, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Gomphus kauffmanii: Turbinellus kauffmanii - fungi species list A Z Gomphus kauffmanii: Turbinellus kauffmanii
Synonym: Cantharellus kauffmanii A.H. Sm.; Gomphus kauffmanii (A.H. Sm.) Corner
Gymnopilus luteofolius - fungi species list A Z Gymnopilus luteofolius
Cap 2.5-8 cm broad, convex, broadly convex to nearly plane in age, often with a low umbo; margin incurved becoming decurved; surface squamulose, the squamules often raised at the disc, appressed near the margin or merely fibrillose, senescing to nearly glabrous; color: dull vinaceous-purple, soon fading to vinaceous-brown to dull brownish-pink; flesh firm, whitish, vinaceous-purple adjacent the cuticle and gills, flesh thin at the margin, moderately thick at the disc; odor, indistinct to faintly farinaceous; taste, bitter.
Gymnopilus sapineus - fungi species list A Z Gymnopilus sapineus
Cap 2.5-5 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex; margin at first incurved then decurved to nearly plane; surface dry, patchy fibrillose, or with scattered squamules, sometimes radially cracked in age; color: yellow-orange, the disk darker, fading towards the margin; flesh yellowish-orange; taste bitter.
Gymnopilus spectabilis - fungi species list A Z Gymnopilus spectabilis
Cap 7-20 cm broad, convex with incurved margin, nearly plane in age; surface dry, yellowish-orange to orange with fine brown scales; flesh thick, yellow, turning red in KOH; odor mild to pungent, taste bitter.
Gymnopus acervatus - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus acervatus
Cap 0.5-3.0 cm broad, convex when young with an incurved margin, at maturity broadly convex, the margin then decurved; surface glabrous, subviscid when fresh, dingy reddish-brown to vinaceous-brown, hygrophanous, fading when dry to buff-brown; context thin, 1-2 mm thick, colored like the cap, unchanging when cut; odor not distinctive; taste slightly bitter.
Gymnopus bakerensis - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus bakerensis
Synonym: Collybia bakerensis A. H. Smith
Gymnopus brassicolens - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus brassicolens
California Fungi—Gymnopus brassicolens
Gymnopus dryophilus - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus dryophilus
Cap 2-5 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, sometimes slightly umbonate; margin incurved, becoming decurved, at maturity occasionally wavy to upturned; surface smooth, moist, hygrophanous, color varying from reddish-brown, ochraceous-brown to buff-brown, the margin lighter, in age fading to buff; flesh white, thin, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Gymnopus subpruinosus - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus subpruinosus
Synonym: Collybia subpruinosa (Murrill) Dennis, Marasmius subpruinosus Murrill
Gymnopus villosipes - fungi species list A Z Gymnopus villosipes
Synonym: Marasmius villosipes Cleland

Misapplied name: Collybia fuscopurpurea
Gyromitra californica: Pseudorhizina californica - fungi species list A Z Gyromitra californica: Pseudorhizina californica
Cap lobed to saddle-shaped, relatively broad, 5.0-12.0 (16) cm when full expanded; margin incurved to occasionally decurved, free from the stipe; surface consisting of shallow bumps and depressions, more or less glabrous, grey-brown, medium-brown, to olive-brown; sterile undersurface cream-colored, minutely tomentose; context thin, < 1 mm, cream-colored; odor and taste not determined.
Gyromitra gigas: Gyromitra montana - fungi species list A Z Gyromitra gigas: Gyromitra montana
Cap 5-10 cm broad, 4.0-7.0 cm tall, fertile surface convoluted, folded, rarely lobed; margin irregular, incurved, closely pressed or fused to the stipe; surface yellowish-brown, hazel-brown, to dull reddish-brown in age; sterile undersurface whitish; context thin, 1.0-2.0 mm thick, brittle; odor and taste not distinctive.
Gyromitra infula - fungi species list A Z Gyromitra infula
Cap 3.0-8.0 cm tall, 3.0-9.0 cm broad, saddle-shaped, ie. two-lobed, occasionally 3 to 4 lobed, the tips usually well elevated above the stipe apex, fertile upper surface more or less glabrous, wavy to irregularly bumpy, but not wrinkled; margin curved toward the stipe and typically fused with it at several points; cap yellowish-brown, vinaceous-brown, to reddish-brown; lower cap surface paler, minutely tomentose; context, thin, brittle; odor and taste not distinctive.

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