Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Naematoloma aurantiaca: Hypholoma aurantiaca - fungi species list A Z Naematoloma aurantiaca: Hypholoma aurantiaca
Cap 2.5-6.0 cm broad, convex, becoming broadly convex, obtusely umbonate, margin with veil fragments disappearing in age; surface subviscid when moist, otherwise dry, smooth, reddish-brown to orange-brown; flesh thin, pale colored with pinkish tones below the cuticle; odor and taste mild.
Naematoloma capnoides: Hypholoma capnoides - fungi species list A Z Naematoloma capnoides: Hypholoma capnoides
Cap 2.5-6 cm broad, convex, becoming nearly plane, sometimes with a low umbo; surface moist, smooth, yellow to tawny to orange brown to cinnamon brown fading towards the margin, the latter inrolled when young, appendiculate with veil fragments in age; flesh white, thick; odor and taste mild.
Naematoloma fasciculare: Hypholoma fasciculare - fungi species list A Z Naematoloma fasciculare: Hypholoma fasciculare
Cap 2-7 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane in age, sometimes with a broad low umbo; margin incurved when young, wavy if clustered, often slightly appendiculate with veil fragments; surface smooth, moist, disc yellow-orange to tawny-orange, shading to a lighter margin, overlapped caps often patchy purple-brown from shed spores; flesh pale yellow, thin; odor not distinctive; taste bitter.
Naucoria vinicolor: Tubaria punicea - fungi species list A Z Naucoria vinicolor: Tubaria punicea
Cap 0.8-2.0 cm broad, at first hemispheric, then convex, finally nearly plane, sometimes centrally depressed or with a low umbo; margin incurved, becoming decurved, occasionally wavy, the edge striate; surface dark red to reddish-purple, glossy when moist, hygrophanous, fading with exposure, covered in youth with appressed to slightly raised fibrils, almost glabrous in age; context pale-pink, soft, 2-3 mm thick at the disc, thin towards the margin; odor and taste not distinctive.
Nectria cinnabarina - fungi species list A Z Nectria cinnabarina
California Fungi—Nectria cinnabarina
Neohygrophorus angelesianus - fungi species list A Z Neohygrophorus angelesianus
Cap 1.0-3.0 cm broad, convex, broadly so in age, the disc typically depressed; margin in youth incurved, then decurved to plane, occasionally wavy; surface glabrous, hygrophanous, dark-brown in youth, medium-brown to dingy, rusty-brown in age, reddening with KOH; context pallid, slowly pale-tan when injured; odor not distinctive; taste mild.
Neolentinus ponderosus - fungi species list A Z Neolentinus ponderosus
Cap 7.0-30.0 cm broad, convex, becoming plano-convex, the disc at maturity typically depressed to umbilicate; margin inrolled becoming decurved to plane; surface dry, glabrous, often with broad, buff-brown to light-brown, appressed scales over a cream-colored background, patchy areolate in dry weather, tending yellowing where handled or in age and sometimes deep tawny-brown to orange brown in old specimens; context, white, firm, tough, up to 1.5 cm thick, unchanging or erratically yellowish to tawny-brown where injured, e.g. worm holes; odor mild, spicy-aromatic in some collections; taste mild.
Nidula candida - fungi species list A Z Nidula candida
California Fungi—Nidula candida
Nidula niveotomentosa - fungi species list A Z Nidula niveotomentosa
Fruiting body 4-6 mm tall, 4-5 mm broad, cylindrical, if flaring, abruptly at the apex; outer surface, white, pubescent when young, becoming buff to pale-grey, matted when senescent; mouth fringed, the opening covered by a thin, white, evanescent, cottony membrane (epiphragm), when lost, revealing a glabrous, tan interior and small, brown, peridioles (eggs), 0.5-1.0 mm in diameter, embedded in a mucilaginous gel.
Nivatogastrium nubigenum - fungi species list A Z Nivatogastrium nubigenum
Cap 1.5-5.0 cm broad, subglobose to convex-depressed; margin incurved, typically remaining attached to the stipe at maturity; surface viscid when moist, otherwise dry, covered with light-brown to ochre-brown, appressed fibrils over a cream-buff background, fading in age; context up to 5.0 mm thick at the disc, elsewhere thin, pallid, or yellowish- tawny where injured; odor strongly aromatic, described as similar to "bubble-gum;" taste mild.
Nolanea holoconiota - fungi species list A Z Nolanea holoconiota
Cap 2.0-6.0 cm broad, at first conic with a pointed umbo, expanding to plano-umbonate; margin decurrent, then level to upturned, occasionally rimose in age; surface silky-fibrillose, hygrophanous, translucent-striate when moist, pale-tan to straw-colored in youth, greyish-buff in age, sometimes developing tawny tints; context relatively thin, up to 2.0 mm thick at the disc, pallid, unchanging or darkening slightly; odor not distinctive; taste variable: mild to unpleasant.
Nolanea verna var. isodiametica - fungi species list A Z Nolanea verna var. isodiametica
California Fungi—Nolanea verna

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